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Selecting an early care and education program is an important decision for the parent of a young child. Baylor operates a unique child development program that serves infants through pre-kindergarteners. In our program, learning happens at many levels. Children are engaged in rich learning experiences and construct knowledge through their interactions with their peers and the many adults in our program.

Baylor employs highly trained educators who support your child's development and create many opportunities for learning to take place. Our lead teachers hold at least a baccalaureate degree in Child and Family Studies or Early Childhood Education. The Baylor program maintains small group sizes and low child-to-staff ratios so that your child can receive individual attention in a calm and nurturing environment.

Children learn through play at Baylor. They learn math concepts; gain literary skills; express themselves through language, art and music; develop social skills and experience success through playful uses of materials that provoke new learning discoveries.

Baylor supports the individual needs of each infant, through primary caregiver assignments. Your baby will have a primary caregiver for at least a year. Parents are encouraged to visit their baby during the day and continue nursing after they return to work from maternity leave.

In collaboration with the Klaras Children's Center, we include children with disabilities in our regular classrooms. If your child has a special need, let us know so that we can work with you to determine what support he or she may need to be successful in our program. Recognizing that our world is made rich by the diversity of people in it, we strive to create diverse learning environments for our children.

The Piper Cener for Family Studies and Child Development is a laboratory for Baylor students to learn about young children's development and appropriate teaching and caregiving practices. Each classroom has an observation booth where students can observe children at play. Parents are invited to observe unseen through the booth as well. Students in Child and Family Studies are required to have field experience with some of their coursework. These students work in the classroom from 2 hours to 20 hours per week. Social work students are assigned clinical experiences in the classrooms. They work with individual children who may need help with social interactions or teaching small groups of children about appropriate conflict resolution strategies. Students work alongside of our teachers. We closely monitor their interactions with the children. Because we are a raining facility, you will find the quality of our program quite high. Your children will enjoy the extra attention, enthusiasm and ideas provided by the Baylor students.

Our program is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and provides breakfast, lunch and a snack. We enroll children beginning at 2 months of age. The full-day child care option is available year round following the Baylor holiday schedule.

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