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Piper Parent Committee

The purpose of the Piper Parent Committee (PPC) at the Piper Center for Family Studies and Child Development (PCFSCD) is to support the mission of the PCFSCD and to serve as a liaison between Baylor staff, administration, faculty and the parents of children in the program. The Piper Parent Committee will fulfill its mission statement by:

• providing feedback to faculty, parents and administration on committee meetings/events;

• contributing to the improvement of the PCFSCD building and grounds;

• providing support in the areas of morale, health and safety, center funding, child advocacy and other relevant issues.

PCFSCD's Piper Parent Committee (PPC) Guidelines:

1. All interested parents are encouraged to attend the Piper Parent Committee meetings. Parents serving as a classroom representative can continue to serve on the committee for up to one year after their child leaves the center.

2. Each classroom will have a minimum two-member representation from separate families. These two classroom reps will serve as liaisons between the committee chair, parents for that classroom, and the teacher in that classroom. Classroom teachers will seek these representatives for each new academic year by the end of August.

3. There will be rotating teacher attendance at each PPC meeting. All teachers are welcome and encouraged to attend as they can.

4. The Faculty liaison to the PCFSCD from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences will serve as an ex-officio member.

5. The PCFSCD Director serves as an ex-officio member.

6. The Baylor faculty liaison will appoint a student to serve as an ex-officio member on a rotating basis.

7. Meetings will be held according to the Center's calendar. The PPC Chair has discretion to call additional meetings when warranted.

8. If the Chair position is vacated during a term, it will be filled prior to the end of that term. Anyone filling the vacant position can be re-elected for a full term. Elections for the Chair position will be held during a meeting at the end of September. Nominations for the Chair can be made by any parent at the center, including self nominations. The Chair will be elected by a majority vote of all parents at the center who attend this meeting, or who vote by email sent to the current Chair by 5:00 pm the day before the meeting, if they cannot attend.

9. Committee Business: All decisions of the committee will be made by a majority of the parents present at the committee meetings.

The Piper Parent Committee is made up of Piper Parents. Two parents from each class are asked to serve on the committee to make sure each class has representation. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend and be a part of the Committee. Meetings are held three to four times a year. Officers are elected, planning for the fall festival, spring- Week of the Young Child and Teacher Appreciation week. The twenty dollar activity fee paid by all parents, and ten dollars for the second child go to the PPC for purchasing supplies for all the activities we have at Piper.

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