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Top News
•  Physicists see potential dark matter from the Sun
•  Physicists build reversible laser tractor beam
•  Desktop sonic black hole emits Hawking radiation
•  Two new strange and charming particles appear at LHC
•  Texas border town to become next Cape Canaveral
•  New Particle Is Both Matter and Antimatter
•  Deep Space, Branching Molecules, and Life’s Origins?
•  Quantum bits get their first compression
•  Higgs Boson to the World Wide Web: 7 Big Discoveries Made at CERN
•  'Space Bubbles' May Have Doomed Key Afghan War Mission
•  Is Our Universe Really 'Slip Slidin Away'?
•  Quantum Entanglement Creates New State of Matter
•  Photons weave their way through a triple slit
•  Quantum teleportation from a telecom-wavelength photon to a solid-state quantum memory
•  Cosmic inflation: BICEP 'underestimated' dust problem
•  Milky Way may bear 100 million life-giving planets
•  Synopsis: More Dark Matter Hints from Cosmic Rays?
•  Surprise! Monster Black Hole Found in Dwarf Galaxy
•  Stalking the Shadow Universe
•  Scattered neutrons could mimic DAMA-LIBRA's 'dark matter' modulation
•  Stalking the Shadow Universe
•  Universe Shouldn't Be Here, According to Higgs Physics
•  Nearby Alien Planet May Be Capable of Supporting Life
•  The First Indirect Detection of Dark Matter
•  Higgs Boson Confirms Reigning Physics Model Yet Again
•  Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
•  Gravitational-wave team admits findings could amount to dust
•  Plasmonic waveguide stops light in its tracks
•  Large Hadron Collider Discovers 'Very Exotic Matter' That Challenges Traditional Physics
•  Physicists link neutron stars to earthbound alloys
•  New material offers angular control over light
•  Lasers to Solve the Black Hole Information Paradox?
•  Big Bang Discovery Opens Doors to the "Multiverse"
•  Big Bang breakthrough announced; gravitational waves detected
•  Paradox Solved? How Information Can Escape from a Black Hole
•  Weird 'Entangled' Light Gives Microscope Sharper Images
•  Population of Known Alien Planets Nearly Doubles as NASA Discovers 715 New Worlds
•  Quantum Dropleton: Weird New Particle Acts Like Liquid
•  Fresh hint of dark matter seen in neutrino search
•  Baby universe rumbled with thunder of Higgs bubbles
•  Dark-Matter Detector to Begin Operations Soon in China
•  Laser Facility Blasts Way to Fusion First
•  No Black Holes Exist, Says Stephen Hawking--At Least Not Like We Think
•  Quasar shines a bright light on cosmic web
•  Deepest galaxy cluster ever pictured by Hubble
•  Scientists can levitate stuff and make it fly around using sound
•  Electron Appears Spherical, Squashing Hopes for New Physics Theories
•  Pulverized Asteroid around Distant Star Was Full of Water
•  Higgs and Englert Are Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
•  'Higgsogenesis' proposed to explain dark matter
•  A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics
•  Supervolcanoes Rocked Early Mars
•  Hunting quantum gravity in the big bang's echoes
•  Fusion Experiments Inch Closer To Break-Even Goal
•  Curiosity Rover Makes Big Water Discovery in Mars Dirt, a 'Wow Moment'
•  With Earth spinning more slowly, time isn't flying as fast as before
•  Earth Had Oxygen Much Earlier Than Thought
•  Is the universe saddle shaped?
•  Beam Me Up: Bits of Information Teleported Across Computer Chip
•  Doomsday and disembodied brains? Tiny particle rules universe's fate
•  The Drake Equation Revisited
•  First Human Mind-Meld Created
•  Highly sensitive skin-like sensor lights up at touch
•  NASA's WISE telescope poised for second life as asteroid hunter
•  Cosmic Rays May Reveal Damage to Fukushima's Nuclear Reactors
•  Hunt for Intelligent Aliens Focuses on Faint Laser Flashes
•  Sluggish Surprise Found Deep Inside Earth
•  Star Trek Tricorder About to Come True for Medicine
•  Rare Particle Discovery Dims Hopes for Exotic Theories
•  NASA Funds 12 Far-Out Space Tech Ideas
•  Space-Time Loops May Explain Black Holes
•  'Holographic Duality' Hints at Hidden Subatomic World
•  Shields up! Scientists work to produce 'Star Trek' deflector device
•  Fluorescent Polymer Detects Crime Scene Fingerprints
•  Mars Rover Opportunity Hits Driving Milestone on 10th Birthday
•  Nanoparticles Help Scientists Tell Left From Right
•  'Mini-Neptune' Alien Planets in Star Cluster Surprise Scientists
•  From NASA to the Vatican: 10 Amazing Internships
•  Asteroid Miners to Use 3D Printing for Space Telescopes
•  New 'Charmed' Particle Represents Rare State of Matter
•  New Electronics Can Withstand Bodily Fluids
•  Atom Smashers Find Something Not So Charm-ing
•  It's Time to Tackle Interstellar Spaceflight, Experts Say
•  How Ancient Life May Have Come About
•  Top 5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse
•  Baylor Physicists Contribute to Higgs Boson Findings

News Archives for Nov. 2006

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Special Colloquium: Tangled Web 11/21/2006
Special Colloquium 11/14/2006