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Top News
•  LHC Keeps Bruising 'Difficult to Kill' Supersymmetry
•  Dark Pion Particles May Explain Universe's Invisible Matter
•  Is the universe ringing like a crystal glass?
•  NASA Finds Closest Earth Twin Yet in Haul of 500 Alien Planets
•  Physicists Observe Weyl Points for the First Time
•  A Dark Matter bridge in our cosmic neighborhood
•  Neutrons find 'missing' magnetism of plutonium
•  Superconductor could be realized in a broken Lorenz invariant theory
•  Rare system of five stars discovered
•  Dark matter map begins to reveal the universe's early history
•  Astronomers Discover Hundreds of Weird Galaxies Filled With Dark Matter
•  NASA Telescopes Set Limits on Space-time Quantum "Foam"
•  Forget Space-Time: Information May Create the Cosmos
•  Left-handed cosmic magnetic field could explain missing antimatter
•  Electron pairing without superconductivity seen at long last
•  Atomic gas puts the brakes on light in optical fibres
•  Black Holes Might Make Dark Matter Shine
•  Ancient star raises prospects of intelligent life
•  Evidence Found in Asteroid Debris For How Water Reached Earth
•  A Hot Start to the Origin of Life?
•  This Galaxy Far, Far Away Is the Farthest One Yet Found
•  Physicists detect radio waves from a single electron
•  A Cold Cosmic Mystery Solved
•  Biggest void in space is 1 billion light years across
•  This Molecule Could've Created the Backbone of DNA and Helped to Kick-Start Life
•  First Signs of Self-interacting Dark Matter?
•  Dark matter map unveils first results
•  Accelerating Universe? Not So Fast
•  Complex Organic Molecules Discovered in Infant Star System
•  Black holes don’t erase information, scientists say
•  Two Earth-sized exoplanets may exist in closest star system, Hubble observations reveal
•  New Research Suggests Solar System May Have Once Harbored Super-Earths
•  Dark matter 'ghosts' through galactic smash-ups
•  Astronomers Discover Dwarf Galaxies Orbiting the Milky Way
•  Terraforming Mars by Polluting its Atmosphere
•  Fresh hint of dark matter seen in neutrino search
•  Gamma Rays May Be Clue on Dark Matter
•  Nasa finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars
•  'Life Not As We Know It': New Research Shows How Exotic Biology May Be Possible on Titan
•  Why isn’t the universe as bright as it should be?
•  Here’s The First-Ever Photo of Light Behaving as Both a Wave and a Particle
•  Scientists discover black hole so big it contradicts growth theory
•  The Hills Have Ice... on Mars, That Is
•  Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs?
•  Dark Matter Influences Supermassive Black Hole Growth
•  'Golden stars' pulsate in a strange, non-chaotic way
•  Slimy Microbes May Have Carpeted Earth 3.2 Billion Years Ago
•  'Shadow biosphere' might be hiding strange life right under our noses
•  Cosmic "Reionization" Is More Recent than Predicted
•  Evidence for the Presence of Dark Matter in the Innermost Part of the Milky Way
•  Dark matter found in Milky Way’s core
•  Planck: Gravitational Waves Remain Elusive
•  Ancient miniature solar system hints at existence of alien life
•  Cosmic 'Nuclear Pasta' May Be Stranger Than Originally Thought
•  How the Earth got its nitrogen
•  Three nearly Earth-size planets found orbiting nearby star
•  How 'Quantum Dots' Could Probe Mysteries of Entanglement
•  Space chemistry could be cooking up icy building blocks of life, study says
•  Using a Vanishing Neutron Star to Measure Space-time Warp
•  Did Gravity Save the Universe from 'God Particle' Higgs Boson?
•  8 Newfound Alien Worlds Could Potentially Support Life
•  Planet hunters plot course for habitable worlds
•  The Stellar Origins of Your Toothpaste
•  The world of physics in 2015
•  NASA Rover Finds Mysterious Methane Emissions on Mars
•  Researchers use real data rather than theory to measure the cosmos
•  Superconductivity record breaks under pressure
•  New Dark Matter Detector Will Be 100 Times More Sensitive to Dark Matter
•  Researchers report possible dark matter signal
•  Quantum Teleportation Reaches Farthest Distance Yet
•  Mars Rover Finds Stronger Potential for Life
•  Quantum computer quest
•  See it, touch it, feel it: Team develops invisible 3-D haptic shape
•  European probe shoots down dark-matter claims
•  Gravity may have saved the universe after the Big Bang
•  How to estimate the magnetic field of an exoplanet
•  Parallel Worlds Could Explain Wacky Quantum Physics
•  GPS satellites might be able to detect elusive dark matter
•  Frigid matter powers first quantum circuits
•  Dark Matter's New Wrinkle: It May Behave Like Wavy Fluid
•  Dark Matter Black Holes Could Be Destroying Stars at the Milky Way’s Center
•  Why a Physics Revolution Might Be on Its Way
•  European satellite could discover thousands of planets in Earth's galaxy
•  String field theory could be the foundation of quantum mechanics
•  New Experiment Aims to Crack Neutrino Mass Mystery
•  Universe may face a darker future
•  Ultracold disappearing act: 'Matter waves' move through one another but never share space
•  Evidence Builds for Dark Matter Explosions at the Milky Way’s Core
•  Can the wave function of an electron be divided and trapped?
•  Chilly Record! Coldest Object on Earth Created in Lab
•  Astronomers Capture First-Ever Image Of A Nova’s Exploding Fireball Stage
•  A quantum world arising from many ordinary ones
•  Historic quantum software is run for the first time
•  3-D map of the adolescent universe
•  Physicists see potential dark matter from the Sun
•  Physicists build reversible laser tractor beam
•  Desktop sonic black hole emits Hawking radiation
•  Two new strange and charming particles appear at LHC
•  Texas border town to become next Cape Canaveral
•  New Particle Is Both Matter and Antimatter

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