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As part of the Baylor Physics Department's commitment to providing an economic alternative for the many budding physics students throughout the world who can not afford to buy polished end-product texts, this website is offering a book award of "Quantum Principles" to those with a demonstrable need. I would like to acknowledge Taylor and Francis for the substantial discount which they have provided in their enhanced buy-back plan. The Baylor Society of Physics Students (SPS) Chapter has kindly offered to administer this award. Please see the below sections for more information on how to apply for the Baylor SPS Book Award!


SPS LogoThe Baylor Chapter of the Society of Physics Students will be collaborating with Dr. Wilcox in establishing the Baylor Physics Book Award. We share his vision to help make physics resources more available to deserving students throughout the world. United by the desire to share knowledge with the global community and show compassion for others through a focus on education and fellowship, the members of SPS have accepted the responsibility for reviewing the student applications and choosing the recipients of the award. We intend this to be done with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Our participation in this project is one way in which we hope to extend our love for physics and our faith into the world around us, and provide assistance to those within our larger community.


The submitted Baylor SPS Book Award Application will be reviewed by the Baylor SPS members as they become complete. This process will continue until all books are distributed.


Dr. Walter WilcoxHello! I am Professor of Physics and Graduate Program Director for the Baylor University Physics Department. I earned a Ph.D. in elementary particle physics from UCLA in 1981 under the guidance of Dr. Julian Schwinger.

I have also taught and done research at Oklahoma State University (1981-1983), TRIUMF Laboratory (1983-1985) and the University of Kentucky (1985-1986). I have been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation in theoretical physics, and, in collaboration with Ron Morgan, in applied mathematics. My research focuses on the development and use of numerical methods in the field of theoretical physics known as "lattice QCD". I am equally interested in teaching physics, and I have had a new undergraduate quantum mechanics textbook, "Quantum Principles and Particles" (CRC Press, a division of Taylor and Francis) published in 2012.

This book and others (hopefully!) originated on my Baylor teaching materials website, OPEN TEXT PROJECT. This is an ongoing project to develop complete texts for disadvantaged physics students throughout the world. The concept is similar to "open software" for computer programs, except the material is copyrighted to ensure appropriate use. There are four texts presently being developed: graduate electrodynamics, undergraduate classical mechanics, undergraduate quantum mechanics, and a very partial undergraduate electrodynamics text. Please note that the older versions posted here (copyrighted by Wilcox) will always be available and will not be removed from the server. However, they will remain static. As explained above an enhanced buy-back plan has been negotiated with the publisher, and texts will be offered at a substantial discount to students or programs which can not afford to buy or require this text.

The Standard Model of Particle Physics