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Department Colloquium Series

Department of Physics Colloquium by

The Baylor University Department of Physics hosts a departmental colloquium series every Wednesday from 4PM in BSB E.125.

The schedule for Spring 2014 is shown below.

Date Speaker Title
Jan 22 Dr. Rick Field, Department of Physics, University of Florida Toward an Understanding of Hadron-Hadron Collosions: From Feynman-Field to the LHC
Jan 29 Dr. Adam Kraus, Department of Astronomy, University of Texas @ Austin Giant Planets Caught at Formation
Feb 5 Dr. Lorin S. Matthews, Baylor University Modeling the Photophoretic Force on Fractal Aggregates
Feb 12 Dr. Jaehoon Yu, University of Texas @ Arlington From the Discovery of the Higgs Particle to Search for Dark Matter
Feb 26 Troy Schaudt, Wolfram Research, Inc. Mathematica 9 in Education and Research
Mar 5 Dr. Xingang Chen, University of Texas @ Dallas "Standard Clocks" in the Primordial Universe
Mar 19 Dr. C. Jackson, University of Texas @ Arlington Dark Matter(s): Twisted But True
Mar 26 Dr. Nirav Mehta, Trinity University Low Energy Few-Body Physics of Three and Four-Particle Two-Component Systems Under 1D Confinement
Apr 2 Dr. Shardha Jogee, University of Texas @ Austin How Did Massive Galaxies Assemble over Cosmic Time?
Apr 9 Dr. Howard Baer, Oklahoma University Supersymmetry and Dark Matter in the Post Higgs Discovery Era
Apr 16 Dr. BFL Ward, Baylor University Current Status of LHC Physics: Precision Theory View
Apr 23 Dr. Raul Briceno, JLab
Apr 30 Dr. Anzhong Wang, Baylor University