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Physics Tutorials

PHYSICS 1420 & 1430

Tutorials Supervisor: Ray_Nazzario, BSB E359.R1, x4067,

Office Hours for Spring 2014:

  • Monday 9-9:30 AM, Tuesday 1-2 PM, Wednesday 9-9:30 AM and 2-3 PM, Thursday 1-2 PM, Friday 9-9:30 AM and by appointment.

The objectives of the Tutorial Experiments are for you to:

  • Gain conceptual understanding of fundamental physics
  • Gain operational understanding of physical quantities
  • Be able to interpret, in simple but clear language, representation of physical quantities such as numbers, equations and diagrams
  • Be able to solve physics problems via interactions with other students and teaching assistants (TA's)

Required Tutorial Texts:
Tutorials in Introductory Physics (with Homework book), 1st Edition, McDermott and Shaffer.

You must have new textbooks. Used copies will not be allowed.

Syllabus: A link to the syllabus is in the box to the uppoer right. Refer to the syllabus for information on grading, absences, make-ups, etc.

Failure to read the syllabus will not be an excuse for an exception to any policy stated within the syllabus.