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B.S. in Physics (Pre-Health Care Concentration)

The Bachelor of Science in Physics provides a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for graduate studies or careers in technology, medicine, education, law, finance, industry, and other professions.

The Pre-Health Care Concentration is specially designed for students with an interest in medicine, dentistry, or other health related professions, and it satisfies the medical/dental preprofessional program requirements.

Please refer to the BS Physics Pre-Health Care Planner for a suggested sequence of courses.
Note that many courses are offered only in the fall or only in the spring.

Physics requirements:

  • Each of:
    PHY 1420 � General Physics I
    PHY 1430 � General Physics II
    PHY 2135 � Basic Electronics Laboratory
    PHY 2190 � Introduction to Research in Physics
    PHY 2350 � Modern Physics
    PHY 2360 � Mathematical and Computational Physics
    PHY 3175 � Intermediate Physics Laboratory I
    PHY 3320 � Intermediate Classical Mechanics
    PHY 3330 � Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
    PHY 3372 � Introductory Quantum Mechanics I
    PHY 3373 � Introductory Quantum Mechanics II
    PHY 4190 � Dissemination of Research Results in Physics
    PHY 4340 � Statistical and Thermal Physics
    PHY 4001 � Exit Exam
Other requirements:

(Each course must apply to a major in its department.)

  • BIO 1305-1105, 1306-1106, and six semester hours at the "3000" or "4000" level
  • CHE 1301, 1302, 1316, 3331, 3332, and 3238
  • Computer science, three semester hours
  • MTH 1321, 1322, 2311, 2321, 3325, and 3326