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W. Scott Cleveland


Ph.D., Philosophy, Baylor University (expected dissertation defense March 2014) 

Dissertation: The Virtue of Courage and Courageous Activity

Director: Robert C. Roberts

M.A., Philosophy, Baylor University, 2011

M.A.R., Philosophy of Religion & Philosophical Theology, Yale Divinity School, 2008

B.A., Philosophy, Taylor University, 2003

Areas of Teaching and Research Interest

Ethics, Moral Psychology (especially Virtues), Philosophy of Emotions, Philosophy of Religion, Ancient (especially Aristotle), Medieval (especially Aquinas), Kierkegaard, Epistemology, Applied Ethics, Logic

Teaching Recognition

Received the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award in Arts and Humanities for my Spring 2013 course, Today's Moral Issues.

Nomination for the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award in Arts and Humanities for my Fall 2012 course, Today's Moral Issues.


“The Distinctiveness of Intellectual Virtues: A Response to Roberts and Wood,” Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, Volume 86 (2013), 119-129.

"The Problem of Evil," (co-authored with Trent Dougherty), Oxford Bibliographies Online, (under review).


“Christ’s Passions and Perfect Virtue,” The Third Annual Philosophy Workshop: Thomas Aquinas: Free Will  & Virtue, The Catholic and Dominican Institute at Mount Saint Mary College and the Thomistic Institute at the Dominican House of Studies, Washington D.C., Newburgh, NY, June 13–16, 2013

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