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The information provided here, as well as subsequent daughter pages, is presented with the intention of providing a resource for those interested in contacting our staff. Appropriate action will be taken against those who misuse this information.

Department Chair
Faculty - Michael Beaty Michael Beaty
Professor of Philosophy
Chair of the Department of Philosophy
: Philosophy of Religion, Christian Higher Education, Moral Philosophy and Metaethics, Social Philosophy
Office: Morrison Hall 217
Phone: (254) 710-4806

Office Manager
Marilyn McKinney Marilyn McKinney
Office: Morrison Hall 219
Phone: (254) 710-4237

Undergraduate Director
Faculty - Todd Buras Todd Buras
Associate Professor
: Thomas Reid, Metaphysics, Epistemology
Office: Morrison Hall 224.1
Phone: (254) 710-7338

Graduate Director
Faculty - Alexander Pruss Alexander Pruss
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Applied Ethics
Office: Morrison Hall 213
Phone: (254) 710-3458

Associate Graduate Director
Faculty - Francis Beckwith Francis Beckwith
Professor of Philosophy & Church-State Studies
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Interests: Legal and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Religion
Office: Morrison Hall 220
Phone: (254) 710-6464