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Testimonials - Student Janelle Klapauszak
Philosophy Graduate Student

A Graduate Student's Point of View

As an extension to the quality of education in the classroom, Janelle Klapauszak feels that the Christian community between graduate students and the faculty provides an important perspective in earning her degree. "Rather than focusing on competition between students, we're able to learn together and collaborate to increase our knowledge," Janelle says. "The program is remarkably balanced for its size, supporting analytic, continental and historical approaches to philosophy."

"Professors like Dr. Steve Evans made Baylor the ideal place for me to study these topics..."

She plans to teach in a great texts program at the university level after she graduates so she can teach philosophy in the context of literature and theology. " I think that Baylor is a unique environment for grad school," she reflects. "It's an up and coming program that will pay dividends as it grows in prestige, but is still small enough to genuinely care about the welfare of its grad students."

Her Background

Janelle's primary research interest is Augustine, although her interests carry over to Plato and generally narrative Christian philosophy. "Dr. Michael Foley is currently doing groundbreaking work on Augustine's early dialogues, which has opened up doors for several grad students including myself to write in this area," she says.

As an undergraduate philosophy major at Biola University, Janelle Klapauszak became interested in the history of philosophy. "I became especially intrigued by the flow of this history as interpreted from a Christian perspective," she says. "Professors like Dr. Steve Evans made Baylor the ideal place for me to study these topics."

And for the Calgary native, it is professors like Dr. Evans who make the graduate philosophy program exceptional. "They are an extremely well published group, and make it clear in their classes that they are experts in their fields, eager to pass that knowledge along to us," she says. "The faculty is almost universally kind and generous to graduate students, willing to sacrifice their time and attention regardless of whether the student is in their class or merely asking for their help on an independent problem."