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Admissions FAQ

Q: I have taken the GRE, but I am unsure if my scores are high enough for admission. What is the typical score of your admitted applicants?

A: When considering the GRE it is important to remember that your score is only one of many factors that figure into to an admission decision. Secondly, remember that students often score higher the second time they take the exam. If you do take the exam multiple times, the graduate school will only consider your highest score. As an example, the finalists among our applicants for fall 2015 on average had these GRE scores: Verbal: 165 Quantitative: 159 and Writing: 4.8

Q: What constitutes a good writing sample? Does it need to be a philosophy paper on a specific topic?

A: The writing sample serves several purposes. It gives the selection committee an understanding of your interests, writing style, and philosophical strengths. As such, it should be a professional style paper that is philosophic in content. Typical offerings are 10-15 pages long and focus on an area that the student is interested in.

Q: I am worried about my application. How do I know if it, and all supporting materials, has been received?

A: If you apply online, you will receive immediate email confirmation of it being received. Also, if you applied online, you can also check the status of paid application at with the same user name and password used for your online application. Please allow at least 72 hours after your application is both submitted and paid before attempting to check its status online. For mailed materials, it is often easiest to mail the material with a return receipt, or through certified mail. Both options are slightly more expensive than traditional mail, but you will know when materials arrive at the Graduate School. Also, you can call the department at any time to check on your application status. Contact information for the department can be found here.

Q: How do I know if I have been accepted to the program? Whom do I need to contact?

A: If you are sure that your application has been completed, it is best to contact the department directly. Our Graduate Program Director, Alexander Pruss, would be the person to seek out if you had questions about the department's decision. Remember that all canidates are decided on in early March.

Q: How do I contact a professor whose work I am interested in?

A: The easiest way is through email. Currently, our website offers the email addresses and work numbers for all of our faculty. Please look here for more specific professor contact information.

Q: Are there special requirements for International applicants?

A: Yes. International students will need to provide a copy of their Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with their application. Accepted students will also need to complete two more forms. The Visa Authorization Form and the Confirmation of Financial Resources Form will be included with the letter of acceptance sent to you by the Graduate School.