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James Marcum

Morrison Hall 221
(254) 710-3745


Ph.D - Boston College (Philosophy)
Ph.D - University of Cincinatti College of Medicine (Physiology)
M.A.T.S. - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Theology)
M.S. - Miami University (Zoology)
B.S.Ed. - Miami University (Biology)

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine

Dr. Marcum's CV

Selected Recent Publications


Marcum, J.A. 2009. The conceptual foundations of systems biology: An introduction. Systems Biology-Theory, techniques and Application Series. x + 155 pp. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Marcum, J.A. 2008. An introductory philosophy of medicine: Humanizing modern medicine. Philosophy and Medicine Series, volume 99. xv + 369 pp. New York: Springer.

Peer-reviewed articles:

Marcum, J.A. 2009. The nature of light and color: Goethe's "Der Versuch als Vermittler" versus Newton's Experimentum Crucis. Perspectives on Science 17: 457-481.

Marcum, J.A. 2009. The epistemically virtuous clinician. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 30: 249-265.

Marcum, J.A. 2008. Instituting science: discovery or construction of scientific knowledge? International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 22: 185-210.

Marcum, J.A. 2008. Does systems biology represent a Kuhnian paradigm shift? New Phytologist 179: 587-589.

Marcum, J.A. 2008. Reflections on humanizing biomedicine. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 51: 392-405.