Spring 2011

March 2, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm by Jennifer Good. An agenda, minutes, citation for James Vardaman, and visiting scholars list were distributed to members.

Non-student member dues are $3.00. They may be paid at any time to Jeff Hunt, Classics Department. He may be reached at 710-1399, campus address One Bear Place #97352.

Jennifer Good reported on the Phillip Johnson Phi Beta Kappa endowed scholarship. $1835 was needed to endow the scholarship before the end of the fiscal year. A total of $25,000 is needed for an endowment. Members were encouraged to email absent PBK members and members of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages to ask for donations. A general discussion followed regarding the possibility of adding Phillip Johnson's service to the local history read at PBK induction ceremonies.

Jennifer Good announced the date of the Spring banquet (held on April 16, 2011). Jeff Hunt will consult with the banquet committee on letters of invitation.

Committee Reports

  • Banquet Committee- Elinor Maze reported no issues with initial banquet preparations and invited members who arrive at the ceremony early to assist with banquet setup.
  • Alumni Committee- The committee met and prepared a citation for the election of James Vardaman as an alumni member. The citation was circulated among members for review. The committee further recommended that James Vardaman be invited to join PBK as an alumni member. The recommendation was approved by a unanimous vote.
  • National Merit Committee- Lorin Matthews reported that no national merit reception was planned for the Spring 2011 semester due reorganization and budget constraints. A reception may be planned for the Fall 2011 semester.
  • Albaugh Lecture Committee- Michael Foley reported on the Albaugh Lecture given by Mary Ann Glendon on February 15, 2011. The event went smoothly, but attendance was low due to competing events. In addition to her talk on "Cicero and Burke on Politics as a Vocation," Dr. Glendon spoke informally to students in Brooks College.
  • Robinson Scholarship Committee- Susan Colon reported in absentia that the committee had begun evaluating candidates.
  • Nominating Committee- David Hendon reported in absentia that the position of PBK Historian remained open for the following year. The nominating committee would likely also require another member. No nominations were made for the following year.
  • Wallace Daniel Award- Ken Jones reported that Marian Ortuņo joined the committee, which was awaiting papers for evaluation.
  • Visiting Scholars Committee- Dan Hanchey reported that the committee was gathering recommendations for which scholar the chapter would request. Recommendations may be emailed to Dan Hanchey. Several recommendations have already been received. If the chapter's request for a visiting scholar is approved, we will be required to contribute $500 to offset costs. The chapter may provide two choices to visit Baylor, though only one will come if the chapter's request is accepted.
  • Members-in-course- Viola Osborn reported that the committee had completed its preliminary work and was ready to submit its list of candidates for review by the members. Ken Wilkins reported on the selection of Ph.D. candidates. Alden Smith and Viola Osborn commended the committee for their dedication.

New Business

Alden Smith moved that the officers' terms be extended for one year. Janet Sheets seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.

The PBK national organization has made an exhibit showcasing PBK's history available to PBK chapters. The chapter hosting the exhibit is responsible for the cost of shipping the exhibit to the next venue. The exhibit consists largely of framed pictures hung in succession. Venues for display are limited by space requirements, which are not yet precisely known. The display would be available in 2012, if requested. Elinor Maze made a motion to schedule a time for the exhibit to come to Baylor. Viola Osborn seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved.

A stipulations meeting, open to all members, was scheduled for April 12, 2011. The meeting is being called to consider the current requirements for eligibility for election as a PBK member with the goal of concretizing loosely worded requirements as well as generally reevaluating the criteria for election.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00

Respectfully submitted by Jeff Hunt