Fall 2010

October 4, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm by Jennifer Good. Nineteen members attended the meeting.

PBK, Zeta of Texas calendar for academic year 2010-2011, the committee list, and the meeting agenda were distributed to the members. The calendar can be accessed by clicking here.

Non-student member dues are being accepted by Jeff Hunt, Classics Department & Secretary/Treasurer of the Zeta of Texas chapter. Contact him with any questions at 710-1399, campus address One Bear Place #97353.

Please email Jennifer Good about any Phi Beta Kappa people who might not be currently on our membership list. All staff, faculty and students (seniors initiated as juniors and graduate students) of Phi Beta Kappa are automatically considered part of the membership, but sometimes it is hard to identify them. Please visit the Baylor Phi Beta Kappa website at http://www.baylor.edu/phibetakappa to be sure that you, and others you know to be Phi Beta Kappa, are on the list.

Jennifer Good reported that the Dr. Phillip Johnson Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship has received $21,000 in donations to date. It needs $25,000 to begin distribution as a student scholarship. She encouraged members to donate, and to let other individuals who knew and loved Phil to consider giving to the scholarship. MFL is also continuing its commitment to help fund the scholarship with announcements in its homecoming alumni events.

Committee reports:

• Members-in-Course (MIC) chair, Viola Osborn, reported that the MIC committee is working on transcripts for the initiation to be held on Wednesday December 1, 2010 at 4pm in the Armstrong Browning Library, Treasure Room. Fall initiation includes August 2010 graduates as well as those registered for graduation in December 2010.

• Initiation Committee – Chair Julie Kisacky reported that most of the work of this committee takes place in the spring. She asked for one or more student member to join the committee. Please email either Julie Kisacky or Jennifer Good to accept this committee assignment. The Spring Initiation & Banquet will be Saturday April 16, 2011 at 6:30 pm in Barfield.

• The Alumni and Honorary Members Committee – Jennifer Good introduced the members of this committee; it will prepare the citation nominating Dr. James Vardaman for alumni membership. His name will be presented for nomination in the spring MIC election process. Bill Hillis will serve as chair, with committee members Jeff Fish, Sue Herring, and Viola Osborn.

• The Albaugh Lecture Committee –Ken Jones reported that Dr. May Ann Glendon, has accepted our invitation to be the Albaugh speaker for spring 2011. Events, dates and times will be announced soon. Michael Foley, chair of the Albaugh Committee sent the following biographical sketch of our upcoming Albaugh speaker. Dr. Mary Ann Glendon is the Learned Hand Professor of Law, Harvard Law School and a former United States Ambassador to the Vatican. Her books include Rights Talk: The Impoverishment of Political Discourse, A Nation Under Lawyers, and A World Made New: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Her most recent book, from Oxford University Press, is The Forum and the Tower: Politicians and Philosophers in Conflict, Compromise, and Collaboration. The National Law Journal named Glendon in 1998 one of the "Fifty Most Influential Women Lawyers in America."

• The Robinson Scholarship Committee – Chair Susan Colón reported that this committee is primarily active in the spring.

• The Nominating Committee – David Hendon welcomed Lorin Matthews to the position of Historian. Our past practice has been for the Historian to become Vice President and MIC chair, then president and past president. Past practice has been for each position to be held for two years if duly elected (reelected) in the Spring meeting each year. If you are interested a leadership role in Phi Beta Kappa, please let us know and consider being active on one of our committees.

• The Intellectual Activities Committee – Ken Jones reported that this committee's activities all take place in the spring in the judging of Pulse essays and the Wallace Daniel Award and lecture.

• Audit Committee-Ken Wilkins agreed to serve as the Audit Committee chair.

• The Publicity Committee-the primary function of this committee would be to help in the announcement and publicity of our public lectures and awards. Please contact Jennifer Good if you are willing to serve on this committee.

• Visiting Scholar Committee-we hope to secure a Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar for the academic year 2011-2012. The committee will review the list of available scholars in spring 2011 and make its selection and application regarding the best fit for Baylor University. The committee will be led by Daniel Hanchey, Classics, with Alden Smith. Additional members are welcome, please contact Jennifer Good.

New Business:

• Secretary/Treasurer and Assistant to the Secretary/Treasurer. Due to increased responsibilities in Classics, Alden Smith asked that Jeff Hunt be recommended to the Secretary/Treasurer position, with Alden serving as his assistant. The change was moved and seconded. The membership approved this unanimously. Jeff Hunt is the Secretary/Treasurer with Alden Smith as the Assistant to the Secretary/Treasurer for the 2010-2011 year.

• Jennifer Good suggested that the Wallace Daniel Award Committee be formed (constituted from the Intellectual Activity Committee, since that is its current function), removing the ad hoc designation as this award needs to be awarded annually. The change was moved and seconded. The membership approved this unanimously.

• National Merit Scholarship reception. In recent years we have been part of I2E (Invitation to Excellence) but I2E has outgrown our capacity to have a positive impact in the large gathering. Lorin Matthews led a brainstorming session to determine what our ideal event would look like, whom would be invited, and the what should motivate the event (recruiting high ability high school students or educating prospective PBK initiates already on campus). The National Merit Scholar Reception Committee led by Lorin Matthews will consider options and tentatively we will host a new signature PBK event in spring 2011. She will be helped by Sinda Vanderpool and Janet Sheets, and student members Allison Winney and Brittney Turner. Please contact Jennifer Good if you would also like to help in the redesign of this event. Some of the ideas suggested: invite A&S sophomores and juniors with a GPA of 3.8 or higher, invite Dean Betsy Vardaman to talk about national and international scholarships, give students information about PBK and its requirements for election, raise the profile of PBK on campus, recruit high school national merit scholars from 50 mile radius, give a PBK "parting" gift to remind students to strive for PBK, get PBK faculty involved (maybe they need a PBK gift as well). Possible names: PBK Heritage Reception, PBK Celebration of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Scholars of PBK.

• New stipulations of PBK election were released on April 9, 2010. All Members-in-Course committee members, as well as any other interested chapter members will examine and discuss the document to ascertain any changes required or desirable to our election standards on the basis of this document. Mike Morrison will join this discussion. Jennifer Good will distribute the stipulations to interested members and coordinate the discussion-please let her know if you want to receive these notifications. Any changes suggested by this discussion would need to be approved by the sitting MIC committee and then brought to the membership for a vote; they would take into account a reasonable timeline to educate students and advisors on new or altered requirements.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Jennifer Good
October 5, 2010