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The appeal process allows a Baylor student, faculty or staff member to appeal a parking notice believed to have been issued in error. The appeal form must be completed within 14 calendar days of the issue date of the notice. Appeals that are submitted beyond the fourteen-day period or appeals that are vague or incomplete will be rejected.

Baylor students will have the notice amount billed to their student account.

Baylor Faculty and Staff members will have the notice amount deducted from their payroll.

To Appeal A Notice Click The Link Below:

Appeal Citations Here

Parking notices may not be downloaded and available for online appeal for up to 48 hours after being issued.

Appealing a parking notice indicates that you believe you were parked in accordance with the Baylor Parking Regulations and were incorrectly cited for a parking violation. Appeals should be very direct and address factual information only. Opinions, circumstances and a lack of knowledge of Baylor Parking regulations are not valid reasons for an appeal.

For an appeal, there must be substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was NOT committed, or that it occurred due to circumstances beyond the customer’s control. If a customer has valid documentation of the evidence, it should be provided at the time the appeal is submitted.

Appeals will be reviewed within 45 calendar days of the submission of a completed appeal. An email notification will be sent out when a decision has been reached on the appeal.

Appeals may be resolved in one of three ways.

  • Upholding the parking notice
  • Upholding the parking notice but reducing the fine
  • Approving the appeal and removing the fine

Student appeals in the Fall and Spring semesters are reviewed by the Student Court when practical. Please note that the Student Court does not meet during finals, the summer or at other times when class is not in session.