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List of Locations

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No List of Locations
1 S-F/E 8th Street Parking Garage
3 S Baylor and 8th Street
4 S 1400 8th Street
5 S NW Corner Speight and 8th Street
6 S F/E SW Corner Speight and 8th Street
7 R AF ROTC Building
8 S- F/E AF ROTC Building
9 R Brooks Village (Loading)
10 F/E Back of Mary Gibbs Jones Building
12 F/E-R Back of Collins Hall
14 R Between Alexander and Dawson Halls
15 R-T Between Memorial and Allen Halls
16 T 7th Street from Baylor Avenue to Speight (left side only)
17 F/E- V S and W of Armstrong Browning
20 S-R Behind Martin Hall (Loading)
21 5th Street from Dutton to M.P. Daniel
21B 5th Street Parking Garage
R-T 1st Floor Bookstore (Loading)
  S- F/E 2nd Floor
22 Between Neill Morris and Pat Neff Halls
23 V-R Between M.P. Daniel and Pat Neff Hall
24 F/E-T N of Bill Daniel Student Center/Disabled
25 R W of Carroll Science Building (Disabled 15 minute parking)
26 S-F/E 5th Street and Hopkins-Art Annex
27 F/E E of Waco Hall
28 F/E S and W of Bobo BSM Center
29 F/E SW Corner of 5th Street and James
30 S-F/E Back of Seventh and James Church
31 S-R Around Penland Hall
34 F/E Back of Marrs McLean Gym
35 F/E Back of Morrison Hall
36 F/E-V W Side between SR Building and Speight
37 F/E Speight Parking Garage 1st & 2nd floor
37 S Speight Parking Garage 2nd, 3rd, & 4th floor
38 S Front North Russell Hall
39 S-T-R Loading Zone/Disabled
40 S-F/E-V East Campus Parking Garge
41A F/E Disabled/15 minutes
42 S East Side between SR Building and Speight
44 Loading-F/E Rogers Loading
45 S-F/E-V Dutton Avenue Parking Garage
45A Loading-R Dutton Avenue Parking Circle
46 Loading-F/E Castellaw Loading
47 F/E Around Moody Library
47A S 3rd Street in front of Moody Library
48 F/E McCrary Music Building
49 F/E N of Goebel Building and Russell Gym (Loading)
50 S South of Russell Gym
52 V-F/E Front of Wiethorn Visitors Center
53 F/E West of Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center
54 F/E East of Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center
55 F/E McLane Student Life Center
56 F/E 1st. & Bagby
57 S East Arbors Residents Only
58 S-F/E-V-C Robinson Tower
58A F/E Robinson Tower Garage
59 F/E-L-S-V Umphrey Law Center
61 V Mayborn Museum Complex
61A F/E Behind Museum
62 S-F/E Marina
63 S-R Ferrell Center

Revised June 2013