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List of Violations

The Violation and Fine will appear near the center of computer printed citation:

No Parking Violations Fine
1 No/Invalid Permit* $35
2 Permit Improperly Attached $25
3 Parked in Faculty and Staff $25
4 Parked in Visitor $25
5 Not Designated Space $25
6 Overtime Limit* $20
7 Health Center Patient Parking $35
8 Parked Reserved Space* $50
9 Parked Fire Lane/Red Zone $75
10 Blocking Disabled Space/Access $150
11 Prohibited Area* $25
12 Contact Parking Services $0

13 Decal/Fraudulent Use* $245

*Parking notices have a higher probability of additional enforcement actions to include multiple notices, vehicle immobilization (a “boot”) and/or towing of the improperly parked vehicle.

**Notices given for history of non-compliance or multiple previous parking violations. The goal of Parking and Transportation Services is to keep all vehicles in compliance. It is at the discretion of Parking and Transportation Services to seek alternative methods to bring an individual back into compliance.

Parking notices and associated fines may change without notice.