1st Call Requests And Praises

1st Call Prayer Requests & Praises

Please pray for my daughter, who is currently struggling with her first year at Baylor. She says she is trying to get connected but feels very alone. Pray that she finds a group of friends that she can identify with and get connected with. 9/12/14

Please pray for our daughter. She is a freshman at Baylor. She has spiritual needs and we (her parents) are very worried about her. 9/11/14

Please pray for our daughter who is a freshman and in her 3rd week of school. Please provide her focus on school and not to worry about a very ill grandparent that will be soon passing. 9/8/14

Praying for my daughter who has just begun the journey as a freshman at Baylor, for financial provision and for adjustment through this process of transition, for strong organizational and planning skills, for good friendships. 9/6/14

Please pray for our son. He needs to find a job and be willing to seek out help from others. He needs direction for his life and a way to support himself this semester. Pray for us as parents as we try to navigate this situation. Pray for support for him up there in Waco. 9/1/14

We ask humbly that you be with each Baylor student this new fall 2014 semester. We ask you Lord that Baylor serves them well, helps them dream, strengthens their faith in You, encourages their gifts, and gives them a glimpse into a future of serving God and their communities. 8/29/14

Dear Lord, thank you for your faithfulness! When we prayed for our daughter concerning a roommate issue, you caused our daughter and her roommate to be best friends. You provided a meaningful internship for her this summer. And You protected her and kept her safe in her medical mission trip! You have done more than we thought or could have imagined! All the glory belongs to you! Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers and for Your faithfulness to never leave us or forsake us! 8/28/14

Dear Lord, We thank you for your protection and blessing on our freshman son at Baylor. He is about to enter in remission due to a brain tumor ( Dec 2014 ). Please keep him calm and do not let his fears and anxieties over these first weeks of college to interfere with his health. Continue with his good health while he is pursuing his dream to become a doctor. 8/26/14

My son is on academic suspension until January. He only needs a few classes in order to graduate. It looks like he will need to wait until next fall to take the one class. In the meantime he will need to find a job. Please pray that ur family receive direction and guidance and encouragement as to how to handle this situation. 8/24/14

Thank you to all who joined in prayer for our son. We posted a request on 7/17 and received a blessing in the form of withdrawing from the summer sessions. Our son is home to receive help and get ready for the "real" Baylor experience in the fall. We are all looking forward to Welcome Week when Baylor comes alive! Praise God that even in a time of crisis, He calmed us in order to help our son. Thank you Baylor faculty for your kindness, understanding and legitimate concern and follow-up. Much love and blessing to you all. 8/7/14

This is for our very young Freshman son- who decided to start the summer II session instead of waiting for the August chaos. He wanted to become acclaimated with the campus prior to the chaos. The timing meant no "move-in" trip and arriving on campu alone. He is not sleeping (worrying about grades), eating or taking his medication. In short, he is not thriving. He called today and is in deep need for prayers for peace and rest in his life. It seems to him that he has been there weeks due to his sleep deprivation. He is at Baylor for a reason. I thank ALL of you in advance for your prayers for our sweet son. God bless you. 7/17/14

Please pray that the Lord be with our daughter and help her to get an excellent score as she takes the MCAT test soon. We faithfully trust Him knowing that He who called her with a desire and passion for medical school will equip her... We just humbly come before Him recognizing our need for Him and for His help as we trust Him to do it. Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us to Him be the glory...! 6/17/14

Please be in prayer for my son to return to Baylor in 2014-2015. My prayer is for financial assistance, scholarship funding, and/or student work program. Thank you for your prayers. 6/10/14

Lord, please keep our children covered this week free from all stress as they excel to another level in our society. Help their studies be free and rich as they read their notes, assignments, etc. We thank you in advance that their minds are clear and ready for this week. In Jesus Name. 5/7/14

For my son that he will finish strong in finals with great grades. Wisdom for classes next fall with new business major. 5/2/14

Thank you for covering my daughter in your grace and blessing her at Baylor this year. Please continue to fill her with desire to follow you. Bring her confidence to lift the light you placed inside her. Encourage her. Protect her from wrong. Thank you Lord for creating Baylor, a loving and supporting environment in which to develop our young adults. Your blessings have produced a bountiful harvest of talented and compassionate educators and staff. As you are limitless, so too are your children. Thank you for Baylor's limitless potential. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen 5/1/14

Heavenly Father, I ask that you watch over my granddaughter tonight. Please give her a good night's rest and I ask that she have peace, calm and total recall during her four tests tomorrow, especially during her psychology exam. Thank you Father for placing her at Baylor and I praise you for the loving God which you are. Amen. 4/30/14

Pray for my daughter as she finishes her finals and study abroad. Pray for her health and safety. 04/29/14

Dear Lord, thank you for the blessings that my granddaughter has received at Baylor. You are truly the master of all. Please guide her through her final exams and give her wisdom, peace and calm as she completes these last tests. I also ask for her safety and that you will grow her spiritually. Also, please watch over our grandson at Baylor. I ask that he would have success in his final exams and that you would provide the perfect internship for him for the summer. Thank you for your watchful eye over him these past four years, you are our great provider and I ask that you would continue to give him spiritual insight and growth. 4/19/14

Prayers for my student who is struggling, after changing his major from Pre-Med to Business. He is filled with frustration and self-doubt, and now seems a bit "lost" when contemplating his long-term goals. 4/2/14

Pray for a student and her family as they go through this difficult time following the recent death of the student's father. 4/1/14

Please remember a Baylor senior who has an infant daughter and is struggling with a domestic situation. Please keep parent and daughter safe, and guide as this student struggles to study, graduate & prepare for a better life. Please let them feel your grace& accept your guidance during these difficult times. 4/1/14

Thanks God for leading our daughter to the retreat this past weekend. Please continue to guide her in the right direction and help her to always trust in you. Please help her to prepare well for the tests this week, especially the one on Saturday. If it is the path that you plan for her, please help her to do well. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen. 3/31/14

Please pray for a senior as he finishes his last semester at Baylor! Pray for him to finish well and for a smooth transition to the next chapter of life. Please pray specifically for a job offer in the Houston area. Thank you! 3/30/14

Please pray for my daughter. She is an only child and her father just passed away a few weeks ago. Please pray for her to have strength to get up each day to go to class and that she may do well on her finals despite the time she has missed as she repeatedly travelled to visit her father in the hospital before he passed away. She has a wonderful group of friends who have been a blessing for her at Baylor! May God bless you all. 3/30/14

Please pray for the parents, family, and loved ones of the young student who recently committed suicide on campus this past week. For Jesus' comfort for those whose hearts are aching and that God would meet their needs in tangible ways as well. May He draw those close to Him and carry them in this painful time. Suicide is difficult to understand and leaves a painful scar forever on parent's hearts. In Jesus name, thank you. 3/29/14

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you with humble heart to ask for your help on my son's development at Baylor. For his academics, his spiritual life, for the right friends who could help him to grow in wisdom and understanding. Dear Lord you place him in this path, continue guiding him and always whisper in his ear the goodness of your kingdom. We praise you, we love you, we give thanks. Amen. 3/18/14

Prayers for our freshman daughter as she continues to transition to college life and all its challenges - maintaining balance of classes, fellowship with friends, spiritual development. Also, we pray that she will take care of herself without the built-in parameters of home - eating properly, getting enough rest, taking medications and seeking help when needed. 3/17/14

Please pray for my daughter who was recently bullied. She was extremely upset over the confrontation. Please pray for peace and understanding so the misunderstanding can be easily resolved. I also want to pray for my daughter's athletic season that she may not be discouraged and fearful but will be strong and hopeful and excited about this season. 3/4/14

Heavenly Father, we give you praise for all the success that our grandson has attained at Baylor and we thank you Lord that he will be staying for his Master's Program. Please grant him the ability to do well on his mid-term exams and give him time management between study and rest. Father, I ask that you protect him and give him both joy and safety during spring break. In the name of Christ I ask these things. Amen.3/4/14

Lord I pray that you would watch over our granddaughter at Baylor. Please give her the ability to retain the materials studied and to have total recall during her tests. Please keep her calm, at peace, healthy, safe and balanced in her time for study and rest, and, Lord, please gently remind her that you are continuously at her side. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.3/4/14

I ask for your prayers for my freshman daughter. She needs to meet Christian friends and find a church home. There are so many distractions for her that I feel she is losing focus on the Lord. And she is lonely for friends. She needs friends that are close to the Lord and can encourage her and strengthen her faith. Pray also for her academic life. That she be able to also focus on that and keep out the worldly influences. Thank you.3/4/14

Please pray for students to be successful on mid-terms and for safety as so many students and staff will be traveling over Spring Break. 3/4/14

Dear Lord, we thank you for your Blessing on our daughter at Baylor. Please continue to protect and guide our daughter so she can make a wise choice and always place her trust in you. Please help her to prepare well for her upcoming tests especially for a subject that she has the most difficulty studying. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen. 3/3/14

Pray that God watches over our daughter who has severe autism. And all children with autism. That her ability to communicate and follow simple tasks improves each day. And her frustration and aggression decreases as she learns communication and life skills. She is twelve years old and is totally dependant on her parents and teacher. Please Lord watch over her and keep her safe. Amen. 3/3/14

Dear Lord, we thank you for your blessings and we pray for your light to continue to shine upon our paths. Please bestow your Almighty Wisdom upon our actions and allow us to steer the course of our journeys in your purposes. We pray to you Father to hold our beloved daughter in your hands and help her continue to succeed in her quest and purpose at Baylor. Amen. 3/3/14

Please pray for our daughter that she would (1) find a worthwhile summer internship, (2) be protected during her medical mission trip to Kenya, (3) achieve an excellent score on the MCAT test, and (4) have the right doors opened to her for medical school. ...for to Him belong all glory, majesty and dominion now and forever... since He is able to accomplish far more than we could ever think or imagine...to Him be all the glory! 3/2/14