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1st Call Prayer Requests & Praises

Praise to Jesus for putting BU on our daughter's heart and growing her God's way. Praise God for BU leadership modeling Christian values and communicating to parents in a way that is so engaging, meaningful, and authentic and serving the community. Pray that our kids finish strong and serve Jesus this summer in big and little ways and for our son, in his last week of USMC boot camp at Parris Island to finish strong.5/2/13

Dear Lord, Please grant wisdom and discernment to both of our students at Baylor as they study for their final exams. Give them added insight in the classes with which they struggle. Please keep all of the Baylor students healthy and give them safety as they travel to their homes for the summer. May they return in the Fall refreshed and renewed both in physical and spiritual strength. Amen.4/29/13

May God hear our prayers. Amen.4/29/13

Glory and honor to You Father. Thank You for all Your blessings. Nothing is impossible with You. Please protect our students from all evil. Grant them renewed energy and strength to endure what lies ahead this week and next. In Jesus name, Amen.4/29/13

Father, I thank you for opening the door for my son to pursue a full time studies at Baylor next semester. I pray for your strength and courage upon him for the upcoming exams along with good grades. I also ask for a successful end to this semester and to bring him home safely. In Jesus name I Pray.4/24/13

Please pray for everyone affected by the explosion of the fertilizer plant the evening of April 17 in West, Texas, located 15 miles north of the Waco campus. There have been lives lost, many injured and homes damaged and destroyed.4/18/13

Please pray for a student whose father recently passed away that she will find comfort and strength in the Lord and that she will be surrounded by loving family and caring friends to help her during this most difficult time.4/11/13

Please pray for the students and faculty headed to Kenya, Africa, on a mission trip and tour next month.4/10/13

Please pray for our daughter as she tries to get classes for next semester. The Lord has been so faithful to provide for all of her needs and I know He will continue to be with her and make a way for her to pursue what He has called her to do. It is clear God has a placed a desire in her heart and called her to pursue medical school so we just pray for His help every step of the way. I know He will be faithful to clear the path and remove the obstacles and hindrances. To Him be the glory as He causes her to be successful and even excel in school with excellent grades.4/9/13

Please pray for my daughter to have a successful year. Thanks and may God bless you.4/7/13

Father, you are faithful to keep your promises and I thank you for all of your provisions for our two students. I ask that you bring about a successful end to this semester for both, along with a good internship for one and good summer job for the other. Thank you for the privilege of watching your plans unfold for each. Please keep them in the path you have chosen. In Jesus name. Amen.4/1/13

Please pray for our daughter at Baylor who is seeking to find a few more responsible roommates to share an apartment during her sophomore year. Also we need much prayer for our son, who graduated from Baylor, and is interning with an organization. We need prayers that his current internship opportunity will provide him with a full time job.3/28/13

Please pray for strength and courage for the graduate nursing faculty as they face changes in curriculum, innovations in teaching and building new relationships.3/20/13

Father thank you for "stretching" our students and showing them that you are with them in all situations. Your mercy and grace is so refreshing in difficult times. Thank you for the hedge of protection you have placed around those who trust and obey you. In Jesus name, Amen.3/19/13

Father, thank you for all of your blessings this freshman year for my daughter. I know it is your will that she is here and I know that you will provide. I pray, Father, that you will bless the hearts of those who provide the scholarship money to help her to continue to remain here. You have never failed me and I know that you will see us through. Thank you Father for what you have already done and what you will do. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.3/11/13

Please protect our students as they go various places. We pray specially for those participating in mission's activities during the break. Empower them to do your will and encourage those with whom they meet. In Jesus name, Amen.3/9/13

Please pray for my son to be able to manage his time wisely between studying and involvement in other activities on campus.3/8/13

Please pray for the family and friends of the Baylor student who died last week as the result of an accident.3/5/13

Lord, your plans are perfect and I thank you for opening doors for our two students to place them at Baylor. I ask that you would reveal paths that would grow them spiritually as well as through their education. Please give each of them a heart of compassion for others. Keep them safe Lord through their travels home and their activities at Baylor. In Christ's name, Amen.3/4/13

Please pray for our freshman daughter at Baylor who is seeking to find two more responsible roommates to share an apartment during her sophomore year. Also need much prayer for our son, who graduated from Baylor, and is interning with an organization. We need prayers that the current internship opportunity will provide a full time job for him.2/26/13

Please pray for our final freshman who is in his last days of pledging a fraternity. It has been difficult for him to manage his time and we have tried to encourage him along the way. Would appreciate prayers.2/25/13

Hello, my prayer request is for my 3 children, all 3 are attending college. My daughter attends Baylor and my two sons attend Texas Southern University. I will have 2 out of the 3 graduating this Spring, PTL(praise the Lord). I'm asking that you will agree with me in prayer that my kids will grow even the more in their walk with God as they enter into the next phase of their new lives as college graduates. We pray for their careers that they will be able to work in environments where they are able to expand their knowledge in the careers that they have studied and completed. Favour from on high in every facets of their lives. Thank you and may God continue to bless this ministry as you stand in the gap for others. Until we meet, I remain your sister in Christ.2/20/13

A Baylor mom has been diagnosed with a blood disorder and is currently undergoing treatment. Please pray that the treatment will be effective and that she will experience a full recovery.2/20/13

Please pray for a student who was recently injured on campus and is currently in ICU at a local hospital that good progress will continue to be made in the recovery process.2/19/13

We are so Blessed and I am so thankful for this opportunity to request prayer. Please pray that my son will master the oppositions in his daily life; that he will open his heart to better hear and acknowledge God's messages to him. Pray that he will overcome the anxieties and worries that he feels consumed by; that he can give these over to God.2/15/13

Please pray for the parent of a current student who is now in critical condition as a result of injuries received in an automobile accident this past summer.2/8/13

Father you are so excellent. There are no words to describe you. Thank you for all you have done in the lives of our Baylor students. I love you and desire to love you more.2/7/13

I am thankful that my son is staying caught up in his classes this semester, and even able to work ahead in one or two. Please pray that he will continue to be able to manage his time wisely. 2/5/13

Father, I pray that you will give our two students the ability to concentrate in class and wisdom as they study. May they choose their study time wisely as well as time for their spiritual life, time for socializing and sleep. Please grant your choice for a meaningful internship for our senior student this summer. In Christ's name, Amen. 2/5/13

Please pray for comfort and strength as I undergo upcoming medical tests and enter into my 6th year of remission (posted by a Baylor mom). 2/4/13

Please pray that God's hand would be at work in providing healthy roommate matches for next year, where our students will be encouraged in their walk with Christ.1/29/13

Last fall our son and brother died in a motorcycle accident. This tragedy completely changed our lives and as a result our daughter lost that school semester. She is back at BU, but I know her pain still is great. Please pray for our daughter, that God may give her a spirit of faith and hope so she will find the strength to keep on going with her academic responsibilities and of her well being. God bless you and I thank you very much.1/26/13

Please pray for my daughter who is sick and has to withdraw from her freshman year at Baylor until she can regain her strength.1/25/13

Pray that all the organizations we are getting involved in (student government, sorority, etc) this semester, that we will all be lights. Pray that we will balance everything. But ultimately, that we will be more like Christ at the end of the semester than we are now (in January).1/24/13

God you are an awesome God. I love you and desire you more. Please continue to hold our students in your hand. Please don't let them let go. Help us to continue to give you the honor and glory for all that you have done in their lives. In Jesus name. Amen.1/22/13

I pray for my son and all staff and students as they begin this New Year and new semester. I pray for their safety and that the Lord will steady their minds and keep them focused on their goals. I also pray for continued financial blessings to be able to support him in his educational pursuits! All of these blessings I ask in Jesus name, Amen!1/14/13

Thankful for the spiritual resources that Baylor and the local churches offer to students. Our prayer is that the students would pursue fellowship and opportunities to enrich their walk with the Lord so that they may be nurtured & challenged in their faith.1/14/13

Please pray for our freshman daughter at Baylor who is seeking to find a very responsible roommate(s) & a safe apartment to rent during her sophomore year. Also need much prayer for our son who graduated from Baylor and is seeking full time employment in his college major.1/14/13

Please pray for the health of our students.1/14/13

Please pray for my son to be willing and humble enough to ask for the help if he needs it,particularly in math courses.1/8/13

Our daughter was in a car accident on the way home from Baylor after finals. She sustained a badly, broken wrist (her writing hand) and will have surgery on Monday, December 17. The other driver was not injured. Please pray that the doctors will be guided by God's hand in repairing her wrist. Also, pray for uncomplicated healing and peace before she returns to Baylor in January.12/16/12

Please pray for our friend's son who is a marine veteran and is incarcerated. Please pray that the Lord will watch over him and for his quick return home. Please pray for for his family, as they go through this terrible ordeal.12/12/12

Please pray for all students as finals are approaching and please pray for them as they leave on fall break that God will keep them in His care and protection.12/4/12

Father I ask that you bless each and every Baylor student & faculty member as your children prepare for and take final exams. I ask that you bring forth every correct answer to their memory, watch over them & protect them always. Please help them to be at peace with no stress as they excel during this time & every day of their lives. In the name of Jesus.... Amen.12/4/12

Father, please provide my grandchildren with adequate rest and stretch their time for just the right amount of study for each class. Keep them safe and nourished, both physically and spiritually. Amen.12/4/12

Thank you for your prayers! We wish to ask for prayer for our son, who is a believer and will graduate in May. We ask that he would put the Lord first, be drawn irresistibly to him and respond in relationship with him, avoiding any distractions and those who would discourage him from a real and ongoing relationship. We ask that he seek the Lord in every decision regarding relationships and, after college, travel and employment. We ask that he have a heart to honor the Lord in everything he does and that his faith will be a light to others.12/3/12

Please pray for my sophomore daughter at Baylor who has not found a home church yet and seems to be pulling away from her family and the people who love her most. Pray that she seeks God first and would reconnect with her family.12/1/12