Imagine doing oral history

The Institute for Oral History is dedicated to working with scholars across disciplines to design and execute innovative research projects, to equipping community groups in their oral history endeavors, and to mentoring students in the interdisciplinary field of oral history. Find yourself engaging in oral history with the following resources.

Workshop on the Web. Here will you find answers to your questions about what oral history is, why oral history is important, how to plan and execute an oral history interview, and where to find additional information on oral history. We offer workshops for beginning oral historians, classroom teachers and their students, and advanced reading materials on the theory and practice of oral history research.

Faculty Research Grants. Since 1971, Baylor University full-time faculty members have received research grants for oral history projects related to their scholarship. Read here how to apply for these annual awards.

Graduate Student Assistantships. Baylor University graduate students may apply for assistantships with the Institute, where they will learn professional oral history techniques applicable to a wide array of careers.

Community Oral History Grant. Nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Texas may apply for our annual grant to help them initiate an oral history project among people in their communities, conducted by community members, with an outcome that shares the oral histories with the entire community.

Visiting Research Fellows. Annual grants allow a serious scholar to visit the Institute and do intensive research in our oral history collection.

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