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Sharing stories from generation to generation is as old as human history, but the art of preserving generational memories remains as new and fresh as the latest technological advance. The Institute for Oral History invites you to discover ways oral history can open your mind to the people, places, events, and ideas that shaped our mutual past.

Search Our Collection. What nuggets of information from the Baylor oral history collection might enrich your research? Investigate topics of interest to you within our searchable database which provides abstracts of oral memoirs as well as instructions for obtaining indexes and full transcripts of oral history interviews.

Our Projects. From the practical how-to of making lye soap to the genesis of philosophical ideals, our projects cover a broad range of lived experience. Let these eclectic project topics inspire you to consider how oral history might apply to your own research questions.

Our Publications. The ultimate goal of any oral history project is to make a difference in the way we understand the story of the past. To reach that goal, the stories told by our interviewees must reach beyond the archives to the minds and hearts of current and future generations. Delve into the past through the wide array of print and media publications based upon the Baylor oral history collection.

Documentaries of Central Texas. Inform yourself about our part of the world through two documentaries from the Institute for Oral History: Lincolnville at Moccasin Bend, a radio program highlighting oral histories of descendants of an African American freedman's community, and Crossroads, a television program asking why we live where we live.

Living Stories. Listen to the voices of our oral history narrators in these brief radio segments on a variety of interesting topics.

Historic Waco Neighborhoods. These Web essays from our oral history collection present the stories of Waco neighborhoods made invisible by time and change.

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