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The Past Meets the Present

Past Meets Present

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This interdisciplinary collection of essays from leading practitioners of oral history research was first published in 1988 by University Press of America. Now out of print, The Past Meets the Present remains a classic interpretation of the nature of oral history and, specifically, its application to the fields of history, folklore, biography, and education.

The essays in The Past Meets the Present were first presented at a symposium by the same name held October 7-8, 1985, at Baylor University. The symposium invited participants to consider the idea that the oral history interview is a unique encounter between past and present.
• How does our discovery of the past shape our view of the present?
• How does our grasp of the present influence the ways we reconstruct the past?

Five major speakers at the meeting--Barbara Allen, Cullom Davis, William W. Moss, Vivian Perlis, and Eliot Wigginton--presented nine major addresses, each one appearing as an essay in the book. Additions to the book include transcripts of two panel discussions composed of the symposium speakers and chaired by prominent oral historians Charles T. Morrissey and Ronald E. Marcello.

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