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Graduate Student Opportunities

2014-2015 Assistantships


The Institute for Oral History has awarded all of its available graduate assistantships for the 2014-15 academic year. Check this Web page during the year, as occasionally special opportunities become available. For more information, contact the Institute at BUIOH.

Only students enrolled in the Baylor University Graduate School are eligible for Institute assistantships. Please note that graduate students in Truett Seminary, Baylor School of Social Work, and Baylor Law School, and graduate students on probation (GPA below 3.0), are not eligible for our assistantships.


Baylor University students qualifying for participation in graduate-level courses may take HIS 5367 (cross-listed as AMS 5367), Seminar in Oral History. Taught by Dr. Stephen Sloan, Associate Professor of History and the Director of the Institute for Oral History, the seminar investigates the literature and methods of recent oral history, with emphasis on the practical application of oral history methodology to research projects in multidisciplinary fields. The next opportunity to take the course will be Fall 2015.


Baylor University graduate students may apply for annual graduate assistantships in the Institute for Oral History. Applications are accepted in the spring for the academic year beginning the following summer.

As assistants in oral history, graduate students learn the principles of oral history interviewing, editing, and archiving. They participate in the research of the Institute by editing the transcripts prepared by undergraduate transcribers, helping to create and maintain the digital archives of the Institute's document and audio collection, assisting faculty members with preparation for interviews, and by conducting field interviews.

All Institute for Oral History graduate assistants usually work fifteen hours per week in our office suite on the third floor of Carroll Library. The assistantships offer a biweekly stipend. All students applying for assistantships in the Institute must be enrolled in the Baylor University Graduate School. For more information, e-mail the Institute; or phone 254.710.3437.

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