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Our Research


The research emphases of the Institute for Oral History have evolved since its founding in 1970. The collections below are some of the broad rubrics under which discrete studies are currently underway by our faculty, staff, and students, by our Baylor Faculty Research Fellows, and by recipients of our Community and Charlton Oral History Research Grants.

The Institute has ongoing collection in the following areas:

Arts and Culture: an investigation of the role of cultural expression, particularly music, art, and theater, in American society. Recent topics: Black Sacred Music, Modern Texas Artists, Southwestern Swing Bands, Texas Historical Pageants, Texas Orchestra Directors

Baylor University: diverse subjects on the history of the university, with a current emphasis on the past twenty-five years. Recent topics: 9-11 Veterans, Army-Baylor MHA Program, Mayborn Museum, BU Senior Administrators, Independence, Texas

Education: research on trends and developments in education. Recent topics: Black Intellectuals in Texas, WISD's Hillcrest Professional Development School

Family Life and Community History: studies in social history, with particular emphasis on rural life. Recent topics: Arab Americans in the American South, Birome on the Blackland Prairie, Bremond Polish History, Crystal City, the Jasper Dragging Incident

Religion and Culture: topics relating to the role of religion in the world. Recent topics: Oral History of Preaching, Oyotunji Narratives, Race and the Church of Christ, Remembering Lynching, Shiloh Voices

Texas Baptist History: investigations into the denominational life of Texas Baptists.

Texas Economic History: interviews on the economic life of the state

Waco-McLennan County: various aspects related to local and regional history.

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