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Intellectual Property

For a variety of reasons there are times when faculty, staff, and students would like to show movies on campus. Before pressing play you need to know a few things. First, movies are protected by the Federal Copyright Act. This means that you cannot simply show your group a movie in its entirety. When you rent, buy, or borrow a movie you do not obtain the right to show the movie to large groups. Rather, you receive the limited right to use the movie for personal viewing. This article discusses the steps necessary to show the movie to large groups.
The U.S. has implemented laws and regulations that control several aspects of international transactions (including transactions with foreign nationals in the U.S.). In general, the policies underlying the laws and regulations relate to national security, terrorist activities, immigration, commerce, and economic sanctions or embargoes against specific countries. As Baylor's research and international operations evolve and increase, these laws and regulations will have increasing impact on Baylor's operations.
Baylor has an excellent Copyright Guidelines resource on its copyright website. Much more detailed information can be located on that website, but some of the basics will be set out here along with some of the common misconceptions about copyrights.