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Academic Programs

For a variety of reasons there are times when faculty, staff, and students would like to show movies on campus. Before pressing play you need to know a few things. First, movies are protected by the Federal Copyright Act. This means that you cannot simply show your group a movie in its entirety. When you rent, buy, or borrow a movie you do not obtain the right to show the movie to large groups. Rather, you receive the limited right to use the movie for personal viewing. This article discusses the steps necessary to show the movie to large groups.
Baylor University frequently has employees who for one reason or another, are required to leave the Waco area. Other times, a job opening with a specific set of requirements may only be filled by someone who resides outside of Texas. While Baylor University can, in limited circumstances, hire (or continue to employ) staff who reside and work from outside Texas, there are a number of factors which complicate such hires.
One may think Baylor has little in common with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). However, both organizations have a organizational culture, some of which can affect the decision-making process, the topic of this Brief. Some of NASA's decision-making gave birth to the term "Go Fever"- pursuing a goal while downplaying, or even avoiding (ignoring), potential problems or risks. Go Fever can be the genesis of a legal argument that decisions made by an institution (and the individuals involved) are unreasonable or maybe even reckless.
Baylor University frequently utilizes internships in educating its students. It is important to have written agreements with any agency or entity providing a learning experience to a Baylor student for academic credit.