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Risk Management

This article reviews a few of the primary issues to be addressed when seeking to have Baylor enter into contracts with vendors of goods and services.
Baylor University plays host to a number of events and facilities on its campus at which minors are present. University employees who obtain knowledge of suspected child abuse or neglect are legally required to report it immediately to: (1) local or state law enforcement or (2)the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.
One may think Baylor has little in common with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). However, both organizations have a organizational culture, some of which can affect the decision-making process, the topic of this Brief. Some of NASA's decision-making gave birth to the term "Go Fever"- pursuing a goal while downplaying, or even avoiding (ignoring), potential problems or risks. Go Fever can be the genesis of a legal argument that decisions made by an institution (and the individuals involved) are unreasonable or maybe even reckless.
Several sources of law regulate Baylor's safety obligations to employees and students, as well as to protect the rights of an individual to express concerns about safety without retaliation or reprisal.
Will Baylor protect me if I get sued while acting as an employee of Baylor? As in many areas of the law, the answer is "maybe."
Risk is inherent in most activities hosted by Baylor University departments and student organizations. Baylor University has many resources available to assist in assessing risk and implementing risk mitigation strategies.