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Submission to Off-Campus Housing Guide

Apartment Name:
Apartment Address:
Owner's Name:
Manager's Name:
Mailing Address:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Website URL:
Please indicate the various types of units that your complex offers:
No. of Bedrooms
No. of Baths
Square Footage
No. of Tenants
Rent Per Month
Reduced Summer Rates?
No. of Apts in Category

If there is a range in rent prices, please explain here:

Please indicate the amenities and options available for your complex
Deposit required Yes No

Amount of deposit

Length of lease
Garbage disposal Yes No
Dishwasher Yes No
Microwave Yes No
Laundry facilities In unit In complex In some units, but not all
Fireplace In unit In complex In some units, but not all
Pets allowed Yes No
Special conditions for pets
Pet deposit required? Yes No Not applicable
Are the units furnished? Yes No In some units, but not all
May furniture be stored? Yes No
Does manager live on premises? Yes No
Is there a maintenance person on premises? Yes No
Are any bills included in rent? Yes No
If so, please list
What security provisions are offered?
List recreation facilities available
Date submitted