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Application Process

To apply to the Outdoor Adventure LLP you will need to have been accepted to Baylor and submitted the deposit. Your Bear-ID (Bobby_Baylor) and password provide access to the LLP Joint Application which includes individual applications to our 11 programs. Each LLP application consists of a few questions that help us understand your interest in the program and provides an opportunity for you to confirm your commitment to this Living-Learning Program. Living-Learning Program applications are accepted until all spaces are filled, but each LLP has a limit on the number of residents that can join the community. As such, it is best to submit your LLP application as soon as possible as spaces are limited.

To accept or decline any offer(s) received, go to into the LLP Application system found in GoBaylor under the Housing Application. Log back into the application system using your Bear_ID and password, click on the My Applications tab at the top of the application system, and accept or decline the offer. If you have applied to more than one program, please note that only one offer can be accepted, and once selected, the student’s status in other programs will be designated as "declined."

To Apply:

Incoming Baylor Students

Go to the Housing Application tab in GoBaylor. Prior to completing application(s) for LLPs, students will need to complete the Housing Application, sign the Housing Contract, and then the LLP Application link will be made available. This application system requires your Bear_ID and password.