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The Application Process

Whether you are an incoming student, transfer student, or current Baylor student, you can apply for the Outdoor Adventure LLC by following the instructions below.

First-Year Students

  1. Incoming students must be accepted to Baylor, deposited, and activated their Bear ID.
  2. Complete the housing application in GoBaylor.
  3. Select the Outdoor Adventure LLC as your first preference.
  4. Complete the short essay (2-3 sentences about why you want to live in the Outdoor Adventure LLC.
  5. Space is limited; apply early! Students who complete the housing application by February 10, 2016 are eligible to self-select your own room in the Outdoor Adventure LLC throught the Choose Your Own Room process.

For more specific informatioin about the housing application process, visit the CL&L website.

Current Baylor Students

If you are a current Baylor student and wish to be part of the OA LLC for the 2016-2017 school year, fill out this application by November 2nd.