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Request your OALA Accommodation Letters

Welcome to the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation!

You have chosen to continue your education at a school with a long history of inclusion of students with disabilities. We're excited to meet you!

Baylor University and the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation are committed to assuring equal access in all aspects of the college experience. OALA works with personnel from all areas of the University, especially faculty and administration, to determine how students with disabilities will meet academic requirements.


Over 700 students with disabilities are registered with our office.

These disabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Physical Disabilities (hearing, vision, orthopedic, etc™)
  • Medical Conditions
  • Psychological/Emotional Disabilities
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Asperger's Syndrome)
The Testing Center works to ensure that appropriate testing accommodations are provided for students with 14 testing rooms, all equipped with video surveillance.

The OALA office works closely with various departments on campus, including Campus Living and Learning, Dining Services and the Counseling Center.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are in the process of registering with OALA, you will need to schedule an appointment with an assigned Disability Advisor to discuss potential accommodations based on your application and medical documentation.

If you are already registered with OALA, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your Accommodation Specialist any time to discuss questions and concerns about classes and professors, including for help with additional academic assistance, or even just to check in and update your advisor on how the semester is progressing.

To set up the appointment, go online to the OALA appointment form and complete the required information. Please use this form each time you wish to schedule an appointment with your Accommodation Specialist.

How to Request Accommodations

Steps for requesting accommodations with the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation at Baylor University:

  1. Complete the online application on the OALA website
  2. Provide current (within the last three years) and appropriate documentation of the diagnosed disability.
  3. Your application and documentation will go for review at the weekly Documentation Review Committee (DRC) meeting. Your eligibility for services will be determined.
  4. Once your documentation has been reviewed and it is sufficient, your assigned Accommodation Specialist will contact you in order to determine your accommodations and finish your registration with the OALA office.
  5. Once you are registered with OALA, you will be required to complete the online paperless accommodation letter process.
  6. Your accommodation letters will be delivered electronically via email to your instructors. Once they receive your accommodation letters, you should meet with each one of your professors in order to discuss and pre-arrange your accommodations.
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 at the beginning of each semester
For the complete process, click HERE.
For the application, click HERE.

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