J2 Fall Textbook List

Textbooks J2 Fall

Our current preferred vendor is Majors Scientific Book Store. For your convenience, the book list is posted above for you to download and use for online shopping. Majors will have a copy at the store, to assist with your in store purchase as well.

Majors Scientific Book Store
2137 Butler Street Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 631-4478 Click HERE for Directions

You may use the links below to place your book order.

MajorsJunior 1
Junior 2
Senior 1
Senior 2

J1 Hlth Assmt ONLY
Summer Elect. ONLY

NOTE: All texts are required unless specified “recommended”.  Only Elsevier/Mosby/Saunders Books are included in the package price.  Books by other publishers (i.e. Lippincott, Pearson, etc) must be purchased separately.  Please review your list carefully.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you purchase your book packages from another source, make certain it contains all necessary resource materials. Otherwise you may spend more on the resources and books than you would have spent on the package from Majors. Please verify with the LHSON book list posted above, before you purchase elsewhere.