Uniforms & Patches

"How many patches will I need?" Each student will be issued three (3) patches during orientation. These 3 patches are provided at no cost to the student. *Remember Each lab coat, jacket or scrub top must have a patch. Patch EXAMPLE

If you think you will need additional patches, you may purchase them for $2 a piece from Jennett Brovont, in Student Services.

"How many sets of uniforms will I need?" is a common question among incoming students.
We recommend starting out with 2 sets of scrubs and 1 lab coat. Then as the semester(s) progresses you will be able to assess individually if you need any additional uniforms.

Uniforms are worn anytime you attend a practicum (i.e. clinical) or lab with the School of Nursing. (They may be necessary for your theory classes.) You may purchase your scrubs from a uniform chain here in the Dallas area called "Uniform World" or any other uniform shop that carries the "Landau" brand names. However, "Landau" brand is the only label accepted. If you choose to buy your scrubs ahead of time at a different store then it would be wise to hang on to your receipt for returns because the green uniforms are a VERY SPECIFIC HUNTER GREEN.(You may buy white as well.) Uniform World will be here during Orientation as a convenience to students (with a 10% discount). Please keep your receipts until you're sure everything is a right fit and color. See the Uniform Dress Code in our Student Handbook on the Nursing Student Intranet for more information regarding jewelry, nails, etc. (BearID & Password required)
Uniform Styles

Lab coat should be white Landaubrand only in style number 3124 for Men and 3155 for Women. Shirt sleeves should not extend below the edges of the lab coat sleeve.
Landau brand Scrub Jackets in unisex style number 7525, are permissible and the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing patch must also be sewn around the edges on the left sleeve(midway between left shoulder and elbow).

Uniform- Labcoat & Jacket (w x h, 0 KB)

Optional Fleece Jacket:

Optional Fleece Jacket(W)
This optional jacket has the BU logo embroidered in white in the upper left chest/pocket area. Because it is not part of the official uniform, it does not require a patch. This jacket was approved by the Clinical Coordinator, but it cannot be worn in the patient care area. It is however, the only approved jacket for students in Level IV Internship working the deep night shift.