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Online ordering is usually available within two weeks after the book list has been posted

Nursing Equipment Package

NOTE: You may order online by using the links in the call-out box to the right.
If you ordered your supply kit through Majors Bookstore, you may opt to have it shipped directly to you, or you may pick up your kit during orientation. If you are unable to order your kit online, or simply choose not to, you may also go to the bookstore to make your purchase.

Although Majors offers packages at a discounted rate just for Baylor Students, you may also buy the required equipment from any other reputable supplier. If you do not purchase your supplies from Majors, please note your required basic equipment needs below:

  • Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope or better (example) NOTE: This is your most important tool and investment -- choose wisely.

  • MDF DualHead Pediatric Stethoscope (example)

  • Bandage Scissors 5½ in. (example)

  • Battery Penlight (example)

Majors will be bringing a limited selection of additional nursing equipment(stethoscopes included) to the school during orientation. Even if everything on the list is not available at that time, you will have sufficient time to locate these items before your clinicals begin.

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