Graduate Faculty & Staff

Administrative Faculty
Shelley F. Conroy, Ed.D. Professor and Dean
Linda Plank, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Tanya Sudia, Ph.D. Professor & Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship
Barbara Camune, Dr.PH. Graduate Program Director & Clinical Professor
Dora Bradley, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships
Susan Houston, Ph.D. Interim Associate Dean for Research
Claudia Calle Beal, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Mary Ann Faucher, Ph.D. Associate Professor and CNM Coordinator
Marie Hastings-Tolsma, Ph.D. Professor
Johnanna Hernandez, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Leslie K. Payne, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Julie Millenbruch, Ph.D. Lecturer
Lyn Prater, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer & Undergraduate Clinical Coordinator
Cheryl Riley, D.N.P. Clinical Assistant Professor and NNP Coordinator
Lori A. Spies, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, FNP Coordinator, Missions Coordinator
Associate Graduate Faculty
Rebecca Burpo, M.S.N. Part-time Lecturer
Rebecca Martin, D.N.P. Part-time Lecturer
Cathy Miller, M.S.N. Lecturer
Erin Sanders, M.S.N. Part-time Lecturer
Brad White, M.S.N. Part-time Lecturer
Roberta Black, M.Ed. Academic Support Specialist - Graduate Program