Sample Degree Plan: DNP program/FNP major:

NUR 5209 Theoretical Concepts for APN
NUR 5232 Advanced Human Pathophysiology I
NUR 5349 Global Healthcare & Missions
NUR 5351 Advanced Pharmacology

Year 1: Spring Semester
NUR 5233 Advanced Human Pathophysiology II
NUR 5314 Scientific Inquiry
NUR 5452 Advanced Health Assessment

Year 1: Summer Semester
NUR 5316 Transforming Health Care Organizations & Changing Outcomes
NUR 5355 Family Healthcare Management I
NUR 5153 Advanced Family Practice I

Year 2: Fall Semester
NUR 5356 Family Healthcare Management II
NUR 5359 Advanced Family Practice II
NUR 6375 Translational Science

Year 2: Spring Semester
NUR 61C1 Capstone Project I
NUR 6373 Clinical Epidemiology
NUR 6357 Family Healthcare Management III
NUR 5250 Advanced Practice Nursing Domestic Low
Resource Clinical - OR - NUR 5251 Family Nurse Practitioner International Clinical

Year 2: Summer Semester
NUR 62C2 Capstone Project II

Year 3: Fall Semester
NUR 5280 Health Informatics & Innovation in Technology
NUR 62C3 Capstone Project III
NUR 6377 Policy Implications for Healthcare
NUR 5450 FNP Residency

Year 3: Spring Semester
NUR 5312 Roles & Business of the APRN
NUR 5211 Servant Leadership
NUR 6272 Applied Ethics for APN
NUR 62C4 Capstone Project IV
NUR 6V76 APN Residency

Year 3: Summer Semester
NUR 6V76 APN Residency