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Renter's Insurance
Students are strongly encouraged to obtain renter's insurance.

Some Home owners policies will cover a dependant student while in school.
Check with your insurance company to see if this applies for you.

LHSON, BHCS, BUMC, Baylor University nor the Marquis will provide insurance. This is the sole responsibility of the renter!

Housing FAQ

  1. Is there a deposit required with my application?
    Yes & No:  there is no application fee however your 1st month rent & one time cleaning fee of $50, is required with your application.

  2. May I have a pet in my apartment?
    No:  no pets of any type are allowed in the housing partnership rooms.

  3. Is a fish considered a pet?
    Yes:  even fish are considered a pet.  Basic rule of thumb is, “if it sleeps, eats or breaths, it’s a pet”

  4. Do I have to sign a contract?
    Yes:  You will sign a contract with the Marquis for the semester.   

  5. Does double occupancy mean 2 people in one room?
    Yes:  single occupancy would be only one person in each room.

  6. Can I rent an entire apartment for myself through this partnership option?
    Yes:  The cost would be single occupancy rate multiplied by 4 per month

  7. Is the apartment available unfurnished?
    No: The partnership arrangement is designed to be move-in ready, fully- furnished & all bills paid.

  8. Can I move any furniture out of the apartment?
    No: All furniture must remain in the housing partnership rooms.

  9. Can I bring my own bed?
    No: Furniture cannot be removed from the room & apartments are fully furnished. Space for replacement of beds is not available

  10. Can I have a roommate that is not a Nursing School student?
    No: The Partnership housing rate is only available to qualified nursing school students.

  11. Are there other housing options, besides the Marquis, for Nursing Students? 
    Yes & No:  you may choose to live anywhere you desire, but the Marquis housing option is the only school sponsored option and provides the most amenities at an affordable rate.

  12. Does the Marquis, Baylor University or Baylor Health Care System provide Insurance to cover lost or stolen articles?
    No: Students are strongly encouraged to obtain renter's insurance