Achieving a 100 years as an institution dedicated to teaching individuals to care for others requires perseverance, sacrifice and service of called people in particular places at special times. Join us as we take a look at the 100 Legends In The Line and note the events that prepared the foundation and will continue to build the future for the Louise Herrington School of Nursing.

We thank all those who have joined us in this mission, past, present and future. Your support will enable us to invest in the generation of nurses to come who answerthe call to Learn, Lead and Serve.

100 Legends In The Line

People and community have guided the Louise Herrington School of Nursing to our current standing as a leader in nursing education. We are proud to recognize and honor our 100 Legends In The Line — the individuals, families, organizations and businesses that have contributed to our legacy. We alsoextend special appreciation to the Baylor University founders, as well as ourfaculty, staff, alumni and patients who have helped educate and prepare ourstudents to make a difference in this world.

Celebrating a Century of Service

We begin our second century as we did our first: giving nurses the wisdom, the knowledge and the skills to make the world around them a better place. The need for compassionate, dedicated and well-prepared nurses is greater now than ever before, and this means the Louise Herrington School of Nursing mission continues to be a beacon of strength and importance. Our celebration time line commemorates a few of the steps — some large, others seemingly small — and the times in which those occurred.

Abell-Hanger Foundation
Created by Mr. and Mrs. Abell to carry on the philanthropic endeavors they pursued during their lifetime, the Foundation established the Abell-Hanger Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing in 1983.

Jenny Reid Allison
BU ’78; An avid LHSON supporter, Jenny has given many volunteer hours to the school. She is past president of the Baylor University Women’s Council of Dallas, 2008-2009. Jay and Jenny have established the Jay and Jenny Allison Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing.

Joel T. Allison
BU ’70; President & CEO of Baylor Health Care System 2000-present; Mr. Allison has also been designated as a Centennial Champion.

Gary E. and Susan Key Baker
Gary,BU ’68, JD ’70; Susan, BSN ’69; The Bakers established the Jean Ellen Jones Key Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing to honor the memory of Susan’s mom, who always dreamed of becoming a nurse.

Royda Dumas Ballard-Gerner
BSN ’59; Royda has been active in keeping alumni from her class involved and aware of nursing activities and news since she graduated. Recently retired, Royda built a successful nurse-midwifery practice in Southern California.

Baptist General Convention of Texas
A long-standing community partner of Baylor University and the LHSON.

Baylor Health Care System
An integral partner in LHSON’s success since the school opened. Located on the Baylor University Medical Center campus in Dallas, LHSON students are provided opportunities for clinical training in world-renowned facilities at many of the Baylor Medical Centers and Hospitals throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Baylor University Women's Council of Dallas
Along-standing LHSON partner, the BUWC provides endowed scholarship funds to support many students and its members host a brunch for the graduating seniors to celebrate their achievements.

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bedwell
Marilyn,BSN ’61; The Bedwells established the William (Bill) and Marjory Leslie Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing in memory of Marilyn’s parents.

Elizabeth Blair
BSN ’74; LHSON Dean’s Board; In 1980,Elizabeth “Liz” Blair was among the first group of Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners to sit for the national certification examination. Liz has organized and participated in 15 humanitarian trips to Romania to work in orphanages with children and staff members.

Hattie R. Brantley
BSN ’37; An Angel of Bataan, Ms.Brantley was part of the first unit of U.S. women to serve in battle while stationed in the Philippines. When the Japanese began bombing, the nurses cared for the sick and wounded in the Malinta Tunnel. Ms. Brantley, alongside fellow Baylor graduate Earlyn Marie “Blackie” Black Harding, was one of 66 nurses who were held as prisoners of war for three years. Despite these severe conditions and hardships, she continued her career as an army nurse after WWII, retiring as a lieutenant colonel.

Mildred Bridges
Established the original training school for nurses at the Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium in 1904. Closed in 1905, pending the construction of a new facility, the school reopened in 1909 and the institution evolved to be known today as the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing.

Samuel Palmer Brooks
Baylor University President 1902-1931; In addition to many campus-wide growth initiatives, President Brooks organized the School of Nursing and the Medical Center in Dallas.

Leonard C. Brown
LHSON Staff 1984-2005; Leonard was part of the heart and soul of the school. He loved working at the nursing school and took great pride in his job. In 1995, Leonard received the Outstanding Staff Award for his dedication and service to Baylor.

Don and Ruth Buchholz
Ruth, BU ’49 and Dean’s Board member; As lead donors for the Don A. and Ruth Buchholz Simulation Lab, the Buchholz’s enabled the school to provide students with the latest technology and innovative teaching methods that are invaluable in building confidence and field experience.

Lucille Burlew
LHSON Administrator 1924-1930; Ms.Burlew was a 1917 graduate of the Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium training school for nurses. Facilities and services continued to expand under her leadership.

Ellen Stoesser Byrd
BSN ’64; Dean’s Board member; Baylor Alumni Association life member; Baylor University Women’s Council of Dallas member; former president, Baylor School of Nursing Alumni Association. Ms. Byrd is known for her commitment to service as an active volunteer and was instrumental in bringing the alumni together for the Centennial Alumni Reunionin 2009.

Miss Carlson
LHSON Administrator 1911-1912

Charles and Velma Chesnutt
Dean’s Board members; The Chesnutt's established the Amy Corinn Chesnutt Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing in memory of their daughter and her passion to be a nurse.

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
One of the largest private, non-profit pediatric health care providers in thenation, Children’s Medical Center is a valuable clinical site for our nursing students. Currently, Mary Crum Stowe, BSN ’76, serves as the Chief NursingOfficer.

John and Marie Chiles
John, BU ’50, JD ’52; Dean’s Board members; The Chiles established the John H. and Marie E. Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing and the Good Samaritan Dean’s Fund. They are also the proud “parents” of John Houser, the high-fidelity simulation infant that resides at the nursing school among the rest of his simulation family.

Ola Chumley
First graduate of the Baylor School of Nursing. The graduation exercises were held at the Gaston Avenue Baptist Church with Samuel P. Brooks, president of Baylor University, presenting the diplomas.

City of Dallas
Incorporated in 1856, Dallas was still a young city when the nursing school opened in October 1909. Together, the school has benefited from all the services and prestige offered by Dallas and the city has benefited from the health services provided by Baylor University student and graduate nurses.

Dr. Henry Clay
LHSON Administrator in 1912

Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc.
Established in 1953, CFT is now one of the largest community foundations in the nation and a grant partner that enabled the purchase of key patient simulator equipment for student education.

Community Agenciesand Clinical Sites
LHSON students are provided with valuable clinical experiences and hands-on learning at the following locations: Area Agency of Aging; Buckner Retirement Services, Inc.; C.C. Young; Dallas County Health and Human Services; Dickinson Place; Friends Place Adult Day Services; Grace United Methodist Church - Agape Clinic; Highland Springs; Jewish Community Center of Dallas; Maurice Barnett Geriatric Wellness Center; Parish Nurse Health Ministry; Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas, Inc.; The Salvation Army CASA Shelter; The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas;Cook Children’s Medical Center; Good Shepherd Medical Center; John Peter Smith Hospital; Medical Center of Lewisville; Pediatrix Medical Group of Texas; Scott and White Memorial Hospital; Texas Health Care Nurse-Midwives; St. Joseph Regional Health Center; Northwest Texas Healthcare System.

Cullen Trust for Higher Education
One of three charitable trusts established by Hugh Roy Cullen and his wife Lillian to benefit education, the arts and health care in Texas. The Trust established the Cullen Excellence Fund in Nursing and the Cullen Trust Endowed ScholarshipFund in Nursing.

Dallas Foundation
Formally established in June 1929 asthe Dallas Community Trust, the Foundation is an integral part of the history of Dallas. Gifts made to the school have proven invaluable to growth and implementation of new initiatives.

Dallas Independent School District
Committed to preparing all students to graduate with the knowledge and skills to become productive and responsible citizens, the District is a significant clinical site for community health education.

Deerbrook Charitable Trust
Provided grant funds that enabled the launch of the accelerated BSN degree (FastBacc)program designed to address the nation’s nursing shortage making it possible for more students to obtain their nursing degree.

Doctors Hospital
Founded as a community medical/surgical hospital in 1959, Doctors Hospital has developed into a full-service acute care facility. The hospital works with the nursing school to provide clinical training opportunities for student nurses.

Mr. and Mrs. Archie W. Dunham
Established the Laura Dunham Shook Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing in honor of their daughter, a 1985 LHSON graduate, and her passion and pursuit of missionary work.

Dr. Elizabeth A.Farren
Member of the LHSON faculty since 1981; teaches in the graduate and undergraduate programs and has represented the school nationally and internationally through her work that focuses on community health, health promotion and policy and adolescent care.

Zora McAnnelly Fiedler
LHSON Dean 1943-1951; Ms. Fiedler was responsible for both the nursing service of the hospital and the education of student nurses; it was chiefly through her efforts that the school was converted from a diploma program to a baccalaureate degree program. An Endowed Scholarship Fund
in Nursing was established in Ms. Fiedler’s honor by the Class of 1947.

Dr. Gerry CadenheadFletcher
BSN’61; A Sigma Theta Tau graduate, Dr. Fletcher went on to become the Dean of the University of Southern Mississippi School of Nursing. In her role as Dean, she made countless contributions to nursing and health education and her enthusiasm for nursing and advocacy for health care continues today. As an ongoing supporter of LHSON, Dr. Fletcher maintains lifetime membership in the Baylor Alumni Association.

Donna Dee Floyd
LHSON Dean’s Board Chair since 2008; Donna Dee volunteers many hours in support of school programs and she and her husband, Curt, established the Curt and Donna Dee Floyd Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing.

Miss Franks
LHSON Administrator in 1911

Aletha B. Fuller
BSN ’49; Ms. Fuller attributed her Baylor training as the building block for her 15 years as a medical missionary to Nigeria. Later, she served as an instructor at LHSON inspiring students through her study and research coupled with her delightful, outgoing personality as she unselfishly focused on others.

Dr. David E. Garland
As interim president of Baylor University since July 2008 and throughout the year-long centennial celebration, Dr. Garland helped share the history, success and accolades LHSON has built throughout the years.

Dr. Linda F. Garner
BSN ’66; Baylor University Alumni Association life member; LHSON Professor; During her almost 40-year tenure, Dr.Garner has been instrumental in preserving the school’s history through a tireless commitment to maintaining a record of events, artifacts andmemorabilia. Dr. Garner is a 2008 Abner V. McCall Humanitarian Award recipient.

Harold and Linda Shafer Gilbert & Jim and Sandra Shafer Oliver
Harold Gilbert & Jim Oliver established the Linda Shafer Gilbert and Sandra Shafer Oliver Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing in honor of their wives to celebrate their contributions to nursing.

Emma Goings
LHSON Administrator in 1910

Dr. Johanna T.Guenther
Former Director of the LHSON Learning Resource Center; During Dr. Guenther’s 23 years of service, she created the Mabel Peters Caruth Learning Resource Center, raised over $250,000 in grants and endowments and managed and maintained all technology and multimedia for the school. A true innovator, she installed the school’s first computer and brought a wireless environment to the campus, created the nursing informatics graduate course and taught the first distance learning class.

Earlyn Marie “Blackie”Black Harding
BSN’38; An Angel of Bataan, Ms. Harding enlisted in the Army Nurse Corps and volunteered for duty in the Philippines before the attack on Pearl Harbor. When the Japanese began bombing the Philippines, the nurses set up a hospital in the Malinta Tunnel to care for the sick and wounded. Ms. Harding, alongside fellow Baylor graduate Hattie R. Brantley, was one of 66 nurses who were held as prisoners of war for three years.

Sada Haynes
LHSON Dean 1959-1961

Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center
Opened in 1920 and one of seven health care institutions affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, HBMC has long been a supporter of Baylor University working with pre-nursing students and most recently in jointly developing the Bear Care Program to help navigate the health care system during emergency situations for Baylor University students. Currently, Cyndi Dunlap, BSN ’79, serves as Chief Nursing Officer.

Hillcrest Foundation
Founded in 1957 to carry on the tradition of the Caruth family generosity and their legacy of support to the people of Texas, the Foundation has provided funds to support the LHSON health assessment labs and continued education programs.

Dr. Opal S. Hipps
LHSON Dean 1979-1987; Dr. Hipps worked to clarify and streamline the relationships between the school, the hospital and Baylor University.

Bill and ClaraJohnston
Established the Patricia Ann (Pat) Johnston Memorial Scholarship Fund in Nursing in memoryof their daughter, a BU student. Pat’s sister, Janice “Jan” Yost, graduated from LHSON in 1977.

Anita Collier Jones
BU ’61; Dean’s Board and Baylor University Women’s Council of Dallas member; A staunch supporter of the school, Ms. Jones has donated funds for several campus initiatives including the foyer, named in honor of Anita and her late husband Dale Jones, the Barnabas Success Center, and the Barnabas Endowed Mission Fund.

Dr. Phyllis SpearKarns
BSN’60; LHSON Dean 1987-2002; Through Dr. Karns’ efforts, a graduate program focusing on patient-care management was initiated in 1990.

Charles Kemp
BU ’75; A retired LHSON Senior Lecturer and former clinical director of Agape Clinic in Dallas, Mr. Kemp planned and developed the Baylor Community Care Program, a district health service-learning project and primary care clinic that enlists volunteers and nursing students. A 2006 Abner V. McCall Humanitarian Award recipient, nursing students benefited from Mr. Kemp’s passion for helping underserved communities.

Maj. Herbert J. Laing
BSN ’82; A long-standing supporter of LHSON, Major Laing was part of the Army Nurse Corps stationed at Walter Reed Medical Center and has established the Major Herbert Laing Endowed Fund in Nursing.

Helen Holliday Lehmann
LHSONDean 1912-1923 and 1930-1943; Under Ms. Lehmann’s leadership, the curriculum was expanded and standards were increased and the name of the school was changed to Baylor University School of Nursing. During this time students were first housed in residences in the immediate area and then in a dedicated building that was later named Holliday Hall.

Dr. John M. Lilley
Baylor University President 2006-2008;During Dr. Lilley’s tenure, Baylor was recognized as one of the most productive research universities in the nation by Academic Analytics, admission standards rose, endowments grew and construction and major renovations were made.

Dr. Judy Wright Lott
LHSON Dean 2002-present; A Fellow ofthe American Academy of Nursing; Faculty of an Oxford Roundtable on women’s leadership; A Fellow in the Fuld Leadership for Academic Nursing Programs of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing; Under Dr. Lott’s leadership, the LHSON undergraduate and graduate programs have grown and improved, including the addition of the FastBacc and Midwifery DNP programs, the Barnabas Success Center and the Don A. and Ruth Buchholz Simulation Lab.

Louise Herrington School of Nursing Dean’s Board
A group of community leaders instrumental to the continued success of the school, the Dean’s Board members serve as school advocates, peer-level fundraisers and counsel from a community perspective.

Louise Herrington School of Nursing Parents League
Formed in 2008 as the first school-specific unit, the LHSON Parents League serves as an information and communication link between parents and the school and helps parents to get involved with Baylor.

Mike and Alison Malone
Alison,BU ’88; The Malones volunteer their time and talents to develop branding and marketing initiatives for LHSON including the tagline that summed up the school’s mission in three simple words: “Learn. Lead. Serve.”

Mary Marr
LHSON Administrator 1909-1910; Ms. Marr served as the first superintendent of nurses when the Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium opened in 1909 and enrolled the first 9 students.

Elsa Maurer
LHSON Administrator 1923-1924

Abner V. McCall
Baylor University President 1961-1981; President McCall guided the school’s growth and development for 20 years. As the nursing school faced financial concerns, he helped seek funding from Baylor University Medical Center to enable the school to continue its mission in educating nurses for service.

Ralph H. and Ruth J. McCullough Foundation
Through the McCullough estate, the Ralph H. and Ruth J. McCullough Foundation established the Patricia Ann Hooper Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing to perpetuate the memory of the quality nursing care provided to Ms. Hooper throughout a lengthy illness.

Paul and Karen McDonald
Dean’s Board members; Established the Kenneth Wayne Pittman Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing and the Baylor University Endowed Mission Fund. In addition to her many volunteer hours, Karen was also the first president of the LHSON Parents League.

Frances McKenna
LHSON Dean from 1951-1955

Dr. Geddes Morris McLaughlin
LHSON Dean 1965-1979; Described as an inspirational leader, commanding educator, community shepherd, thoughtful mentor, and Christian woman, Dr. McLaughlin’s lectures informed the students about the privilege and commitment of being a professional nurse and consistently reminded students that Baylor nurses make a profound difference.

Medical City
Opened in 1974, Medical City is designed for the health and well-being of the entire family and provides a wide array of adult and pediatric services. The hospital provides students with clinical experiences for hands-on learning.

Methodist Health Care System
Serving North Texas communities for over 80 years, their facilities provide students with clinical experiences for hands-on learning.

Rose Clarke Nanyonga
FNP ’05; Born in Uganda and estranged from her family when she was a teen, Rose was adopted by Ian and Robbie Clarke who ultimately helped her pursue her passion for nursing. Upon her graduation from LHSON and return to Uganda, Rose started a nursing school, which has since been updated to a university, the International Health Sciences University. Currently Rose serves as the director of clinical operations at the International Hospital Kampala (IHK), located in Kisugu, Namuwongo (a hospital founded by the Clarkes).

Dr. Jacquelin S.Neatherlin
BSN’ 77; LHSON Professor 1991-2010; Graduate Program Director 2009-2010; Dr. Neatherlin was certified in the field of neuroscience nursing and was al eader in the field nationally and internationally. In recognition of her professional service, she was an invited guest to the National Nurses Day luncheon at the White House with First Lady Barbara Bush in 1990. Jacque served the LHSON and Baylor University through her leadership in many activities throughout her career.

Pat M. Neff
Baylor University President 1931-1947; former Governor of Texas; President Neff guided the institution through the Depression and World War II, creating the graduate school in 1947. During his tenure, the nursing school became known as the Baylor University School of Nursing in 1936.

Louise Herrington Ornelas
BU Alumna Honoris Causa ’92; Possessing an endless determination and desire to take care of the needs of others, Ms. Ornelas made it possible for students to pursue their calling to nursing through an endowment gift in 1999 that is one of the largest financial gifts in Baylor’shistory. The nursing school proudly became the Louise Herrington School of Nursing in her honor.

Dr. Alice B. Pappas
LHSON Faculty 1993-1998; Associate Dean 1998-2004; Dr. Pappas was instrumental in developing the theoretical frameworkfor the LHSON, enhancing the clinical foundation of the undergraduate program and fostering a strong community presence.

Parkland Health & Hospital System
Since it opened in 1894, Parkland Hospital has been dedicated to the health and well-being of the individuals and communities entrusted to its care. At Parkland, our students receive diverse clinical experiences and opportunities for hands-on learning.

Boone Powell, Jr.
President & CEO of Baylor Health Care System 1980-2000; Mr. Powell has also been designated as a Centennial Champion.

Boone Powell, Sr.
President of Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas 1948-1978; Mr. Powell has also been designated as a Centennial Champion.

Elizabeth “Liz” Locke Rayner
BSN’ 33; Established the Elizabeth Locke Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing through the gift of her estate.

Dr. Herbert H. Reynolds
Baylor University President 1981-1995; Dr. Reynolds served as Chancellor from June 1995 to 2000 after which he became President Emeritus. He was instrumental in fostering the relationship with Louise Herrington Ornelas, for whom the school is now named.

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Ring
David, BU ’76; Karen, BU ’77; Established the Patricia A. (Trish) Ring Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing in memory of their daughter, Trish, and her dream to become a nurse.

Don and Kay Roose
Don, BU ’67; Kay, BU ’69; Donated funds to establish the Diane Roose Brinkman Study Area within the Barnabas Success Center in memory of Don’s sister, Diane Roose Brinkman, a 1970 LHSON graduate.

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Ross, V
John, BU ’76; Lisa, BSN ’78; John established the Lisa DeLoach Ross and Courtney Lee Ross Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing in honor of his wife, Lisa, and their daughter, Courtney BSN’ 07.

Dr. Donald Schmeltekopf
Served as Baylor University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for 12 years and was named Provost Emeritus in May 2003. During his tenure, four new academic divisions were created and students and faculty groups grew. Dr. Schmeltekopf continues his service to the university through his work as Director of the Center for Ministry Effectiveness and Education.

Mary Childs Scott
LHSON Administrator 1910-1911

Tom H. and Wilma Carlock Seltzer
Wilma, BSN ’54; Wilma and Tom established the Welby and Eva Dodson Carlock Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing in honor of Wilma’s parents, Welby and Eva Dodson Carlock.

Georganna L. Simpson
BSN ’76; It was Georganna’s dream and vision to create the LHSON Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing and for several years, she has challenged other alumni to give back to the school through this venue.

Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr.
Baylor University President 1995-2005; former Dean of the George W. Truett Theological Seminary; Dr. Sloan focused on faculty growth and development and created many new academic and extracurricular opportunities for students. During his tenure, the Baylor 2012 initiative was introduced and the nursing school was renamed the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing.

Carey Ann Smith
BSN ’64; former Assistant Dean, StudentServices; Dean’s Board member; Ms. Smith served on the faculty for 38 years and coordinated the “pinning” ceremony. She was known for her caring and service to generations of LHSON graduates and has been described as a “magnet” for potential students. Following her retirement, she remains committed to LHSON and is a 2009 Herbert H. Reynolds Award recipient.

Mary Stowe
BSN ’76; Upon graduating from LHSON, Ms. Stowe began her career at Children’s Medical Center as a staff nurse and currently serves as the Chief Nursing Officer.

Anne D. Taylor
LHSON Dean 1961-1965; Under Ms.Taylor’s leadership the curriculum was revised and the first full accreditation was awarded by the National League of Nursing in 1964.

Terrell State Hospital
A 316-bed psychiatric inpatient hospital located in Terrell, Texas, the hospital provides services for individuals with mental illness and provides students with specialized clinical experiences for hands-on learning.

Texas Health Resources
One of the largest faith-based health care delivery systems in America, THR’s facilities provide students with clinical experiences for hands-on learning.

Texas Scottish Rite
Established in 1921, Texas Scottish Rite is a leading orthopedic center having treated more than 190,000 children to date. The hospital provides students with specialized clinical experiences for hands-on learning.

Benjamin Thieme and Tames Thieme
Established the Florence Piper and James D. Thieme Endowed Fund in Nursing in memory of their parents. Florence Piper Thieme graduated from LHSON in 1938.

A comprehensive, integrated system of psychiatric and substance abuse services for adolescents and children, Timberlawn has provided patient care and research since 1917 and offers LHSON students clinical experiences for hands-on learning.

William A. and Madeline Welder Smith Foundation
Significant contributor to the Patricia Ann Hooper Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing to perpetuate the memory of the quality nursing care provided to Ms. Hooper throughout a lengthy illness.

Dr. William R. White
Baylor University President 1948-1961;In 1950, the nursing school became a degree-granting school of Baylor University. The first BSN was awarded in 1954 establishing the school as one of the oldest baccalaureate program in the U.S.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Wills
Support by the Ginger Murchison Foundation helped make possible the creation of the Barnabas Success Center and the Diane Roose Brinkman Study Room. Mr. Willscurrently serves as President of the foundation which was established to carryon the philanthropy of Virginia L. “Ginger” Murchison and focuses on assisting organizations in education, health care and human services with a Christian emphasis. Mr. and Mrs. Wills are also personally avid supporters of the nursing school. They have established the Donald H. Wills Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing.

Elizabeth “Betty” Schell WiseRetired LHSON Professor 1971-1988; Dean’s Board member; Ms. Wise was highly regarded by her students for her professional teaching style and radiantpersonality.

Nancy Nollner Withrow
BU ’70; current President of the BaylorUniversity Women’s Council of Dallas; Ms. Withrow initiated the Nursing School Liaison Committee Chair as part of the BUWC Board and was first to serve in that capacity. Through her volunteer efforts, such as the Graduating Senior Brunch, she works to enhance the student experience.

Woman’s Auxiliary, Baylor University Medical Center
An organization that provides annual scholarships and has initiated programs to build a supportive student atmosphere.