Transfer Welcome Week

Transfer Welcome Week is the official beginning of your experience as a Baylor Bear and is designed specifically for students who are transferring from other institutions. The 4-day journey will provide opportunities for you to connect with other incoming students, with returning students, and with opportunities and resources at Baylor.

Transfer Welcome Week Schedule

Thursday, August 21

Morning - Move In
Get your Student ID card and parking permit (if purchased) at Robinson Tower

6:00 PM - President's Picnic
Location: Burleson Quadrangle / Rain: Ferrell Center
Meet up with other transfer students in The Cub area of the SUB to walk together to President’s Picnic.

7:30 PM - Check-in
Location: Bill Daniel Student Center (SUB)

8:00 PM - Small Group Roundup
Location: Location: Bill Daniel Student Center (SUB)

8:00 PM - Parent Split Party
Location: Location: TBA / Rain: Ferrell Center

Friday, August 22

9:00 AM - Small Group Gathering
Location: Fountain Mall

10:00 AM - Academic Convocation
Location: Ferrell Center
Experience Baylor's unique and exciting academic community.

11:30 PM - Transfer Student Luncheon
Location: Barfield Drawing Room – SUB 2nd Floor

1:00 PM - Academic Major Sessions
Location: Various

2:00 PM - The Baylor Community
Location: Bennett Auditorium

2:45 PM - Dr Pepper Hour & Campus Connections
Location: Moody Library Albritton Foyer

3:45 PM - Baylor Community Expectations
Location: Bennett Auditorium

6:30 PM - Transfer Student Dinner
Location: Cashion Academic Center – Room 510

8:30 PM - Spirit Rally
Location: Ferrell Center

Saturday, August 23

1:00 PM - Celebration of Community & Faith
Location: Marrs McLean Gymnasium

4:00 PM - Floor Meetings & Residence Hall Gatherings
Location: Residence Halls

6:00 PM - Transfer Social
Location: Bill Daniel Student Center (SUB)

8:00 PM - The Big Event
Location: Ferrell Center
Start a Dance Dance Revolution! Come enjoy food, games, and live entertainment!

Sunday, August 24

Morning - Church
Location: Waco Churches

5:30 PM - Dinner with Small Group
Location: Residential Restaurants

7:45 PM - Candlelight Ceremony
Location: Ferrell Center
A special night of all campus worship and reflection.

9:15 PM - Final Small Group Gathering
Location: Baylor Marina

Things to Do Before Transfer Welcome Week

No. 1
Still need your fall class schedule? Click on “Advising and Class Registration” in your goBAYLOR account for details

No. 2
Get your Student ID card made at Robinson Tower

No. 3
Periodically check your Baylor email for any updates

No. 4
Periodically check goBAYLOR for any updates

Transfer Welcome Week