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Students who are unable to come for on-campus Orientation in June will go through an Alternate Registration process to register for Fall semester classes. Students will be invited via email to attend a 1/2 day Orientation session on August 17. Click sign up below!

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All two-day Orientation sessions have concluded. Freshman students who were unable to participate in a two-day experience are encouraged to attend the half-day Orientation on Wednesday, August 17th.

This Orientation will give you and your family an opportunity to hear important messages and have questions answered. There is nothing you need to do now - you will receive more information by Baylor email in mid-July with instructions on how to reserve your spot for this experience.

NOTE: If you still need to be advised and register for fall classes, please sign up for Alternate Registration. Your advisor will then contact you to advise and register you for your classes.

2016 Session Dates

  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3 (Combo)*
  • Session 4 (Combo)*
  • Session 5 (Combo)*
  • Session 6 (Combo)*
  • Session 7
  • Session 8
  • Session 9
  • Session 10

  • **August Orientation
  • June 8-9
  • June 9-10
  • June 13-17
  • June 14-18
  • June 20-24
  • June 21-25
  • June 27-28
  • June 28-29
  • June 29-30
  • June 30-July 1

  • August 17
  • Wed-Thurs
  • Thurs-Fri
  • Mon-Fri
  • Tues-Sat
  • Mon-Fri
  • Tues-Sat
  • Mon-Tues
  • Tues-Wed
  • Wed-Thurs
  • Thurs-Fri

  • Wednesday

  • *Combo Sessions include Orientation + Baylor Line Camp.

  • **August Orientation is only for students who received their class schedule through Alternate Registration.

Alternate Registration

If you were not able to travel to campus for one of the Orientation offerings, then Alternate Registration is the path to choose. Proceed to the Orientation Reservation Form and select Alternate Registration in the dropdown menu.

August Orientation is a half-day experience for Freshman students who were unable to attend a two-day Orientation session.

Reservations for the August 17th Orientation will begin mid-July. Invitations will be sent to your Baylor Email account.

Before You Experience Orientation

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Things to Do

No. 1
Submit documentation of your meningitis vaccination.

No. 2
Beginning in February, Complete the New Student Advising Questionnaire through goBaylor.

No. 3
International students, submit the citizenship form.

No. 4
Frequently check your Baylor email for any updates.

No. 5
Periodically check goBaylor for any updates.

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After You Experience Orientation

Success Center

Your success at Baylor is of utmost importance to us. The Paul L. Foster Success Center offers many great resources, from time management tools to free tutoring and supplemental instruction.

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Do you have questions about your classes or changing your major? Baylor's academic advisors are happy to assist you.

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Financial Aid

Do you have questions about your FAFSA or financial aid? Baylor's Student Financial Services can answer all of your questions.

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