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Baylor University Women's Association (BUWAH) scholarships are presented each year at our Spring Luncheon/Annual Meeting. BUWAH has expanded its commitment to providing scholarships since its first scholarship was awarded in 1990. The scholarship is now $16,000 for an incoming freshman be be divided over four years.

Application Procedure: No application form is required. All students from the Houston area who have been accepted to Baylor University and who meet the BUWAH scholarship criteria will be considered. The Baylor University Financial Aid Office selects the BUWAH scholarship recipient based on our established endowed scholarship criteria. This allows student financial need to be thoroughly evaluated along with high school academic performance and extracurricular activities. Our scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA during their four years at Baylor to have their scholarship renewed.

Past BUWAH Scholarship Recipients