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To join the Baylor University Women's Association of Houston, complete the membership form below. If you prefer to mail your payment, download and complete the registration form here.

Choose your directory preference:
Do you want to be listed in the BUWAH directory?
Name (include maiden):
Baylor class/degree:
Spouse Baylor class/degree:
Preferred mailing address:
Preferred phone:
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(Please provide names and birthdates and put a check beside any who are currently Baylor students.)
Name Birthdate Current Baylor Student?

Activity Interests
Serve as an officer
Serve on a committee
Fall event
Spring event
Host a home event
Sponsor an event (tax deductible)
Young Grads
Mama Bear/young children events

Membership Fee
Your membership fee will help with the operating cost of our organization and provide scholarships for Baylor students from the Houston area.

Please check your membership level as indicated below:
Free New Graduate Membership for 2014 graduates
$20 Young Graduate Membership for 2003-2013 graduates
$30 Basic Membership
$50 Golden Membership (directory recognition)
$150 Emerald Membership (directory recognition, fall event recognition)

Lamplighter Membership (directory recognition, fall event recognition)
$250 Lamplighter: one-time $250 payment
$250 Lamplighter: two $125 installments

$500 Diamond Membership (directory recognition, fall and spring event recognition)

Additional Contributions

You also may make additional gifts for Baylor students.

BUWAH Endowed Scholarship Fund

BUWAH Endowed Library Fund

Please contact me with information about matching gifts.

Baylor will ensure that your membership fees and contributions are distributed per your instructions above.

Questions? Please email Alexis Tower at

For more information contact Courtney Dale at

To complete payment online:
1. Click Sign Up.
2. Click PayPal Buy Now.
3. Login to PayPal to pay via PayPal account.
4. Scroll Down and click Continue to pay via credit card or bank card.

Important: Please enter notes in your payment transaction to show the member name and email address that you used on this form. Thank you!