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Houston Chronicle: Baylor QB Griffin embraces expectations 9/30/2011
M. Basketball. MBB, WBB Announce Low Temperature Season Ticket Promo 9/29/2011
Bleacher Report: Could Baylor Have National Player of the Year Winners in 3 Major Sports? 9/29/2011
ESPN: Awakening from Heisman hibernation 9/29/2011
ESPN: Chuck Neinas confident Mizzou staying 9/29/2011 Shoppach to be honored by alma mater Baylor 9/29/2011
Washington Post: Who's on first? On campus, competing claims cloud stakes for first homecoming celebration 9/29/2011
1. Yahoo! Finance: Freeman Recognized With Well-Managed Award by Baylor Institute for Family Business 9/28/2011
Baylor's Institute for Family Business Designated Regional Coordinator for the North American Affiliate Board of the Babson College STEP Project 9/28/2011
Baylor's RG3 leaps to forefront of early Heisman conversation 9/28/2011
Baylor's RG3 leaps to forefront of early Heisman conversation 9/28/2011
ESPN: Big 12's latest meeting shows progress 9/28/2011
Forbes: Big 12 ADs commit to finding stability for league 9/28/2011
Kansas City Star: Neinas says Mizzou's culture is Big 12 9/28/2011
General News. Baylor Shines in FBS Academic Excellence 9/27/2011
After eventful two months, Big 12 ready to move forward 9/27/2011
Baylor Debate Team Poised for Run at National Title 9/27/2011
Bears in the NFL: Week 3 9/27/2011
CBS MoneyWatch: 25 Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs 9/27/2011
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer: Conference realignment: South Carolina president calls for SEC to expand to 14 teams 9/27/2011
ESPN The Scott Van Pelt Show: Robert Griffin III 9/27/2011
ESPN: Baylor's RG3 still searching for his ceiling 9/27/2011
ESPN: Texas A&M officially joins SEC 9/27/2011
New York Times: TV Deal May Help Secure the Big 12 9/27/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Baylor QB has more TDs than incompletions 9/27/2011
ScienceDaily: Science and Religion Do Mix? Only 15 Percent of Scientists at Major Research Universities See Religion and Science Always in Conflict 9/27/2011
Significant Partnership Bolsters Mission of Texas Hunger Initiative 9/27/2011 Robert Griffin III creating Heisman buzz in Waco 9/27/2011
Yahoo! News: Does government do too much? That could depend on your view of God 9/27/2011
Football. Football vs. Iowa State to be Televised on FSN 9/26/2011
1. CNN Newsroom: Live interview on Baylor Religion Survey 9/26/2011
Football. No. 15 Football Opens Big 12 at Kansas State 9/26/2011
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Big 12 presidents begin push for stability, reform 9/26/2011
ESPN: Is Robert Griffin III the Big 12's best player? 9/25/2011
Football Jumps to 15th in AP Poll 9/25/2011
Fox Sports Houston: Griffin dazzles against overmatched Owls 9/25/2011
Houston Chronicle: Baylor QB Griffin too much for Rice in 56-31 victory 9/25/2011
Killeen Daily Herald: Amazing numbers keep piling up for RG3 as Baylor routs Rice 9/25/2011
New York Times: An Improbable Unifier Presides Over Baylor 9/25/2011 Robert Griffin: Griffin near perfect as Baylor gets third win 9/25/2011
SB Nation: Robert Griffin III Stars As Baylor Trounces Rice, 56-31 9/25/2011
The Baylor Lariat: Griffin III again shines in old Southwest showdown, 56-31 9/25/2011
The Sacramento Bee: Baylor romps as Griffin keeps throwing strikes in only three quarters 9/25/2011
No. 17 Football Rolls Past Rice, 56-31 9/24/2011
A Letter to Baylor Nation from Director of Athletics Ian McCaw 9/23/2011
Football. No. 17 Football Hosts Old SWC Rival Rice 9/23/2011
Ian McCaw talks to David Smoak about the positive moves made by the Big 12 9/23/2011
Ken Starr: Thank You Baylor Nation 9/23/2011
President Starr speaks to ESPN1660 on the Big 12's new life 9/23/2011
San Antonio Express News: Big 12 working toward stability 9/23/2011
The Baylor Lariat: Baylor finds hope in renewed Big 12 stability 9/23/2011
2. Navy Times: Study links Gulf War illnesses to location 9/22/2011
ABC News/ESPN Sports: Big 12's Beebe out, Revenue Sharing on Table 9/22/2011
Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business Ranks No. 3 in Nation for Entrepreneurship 9/22/2011
CNN Newsroom with Kyra Phillips: Baylor Religion Survey 9/22/2011
Columbia Missourian: Deaton says Big 12 has "specific issues to be addressed" 9/22/2011
Ian McCaw talks about the Big 12 coming back to the table 9/22/2011 OSU President Issues Statement About Big 12 9/22/2011
KSCW: KU issues statement on Big 12 9/22/2011
KTVT-TV (DFW): Is God Our Economic Co-Pilot? 9/22/2011 Boren: Big 12 Has Expression Of Solidarity, 6-Year Grant Of Rights To Conference 9/22/2011
Statement From Baylor President Ken Starr on Big 12 Conference 9/22/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Beebe out as Big 12 commissioner; league makes 6-year deal 9/22/2011
1. MSNBC: Stigma lingers in infamous town as Texas prepares execution for dragging death 9/21/2011
13. CNN: Study: For ardent believers, economic issues are a matter of faith 9/21/2011
14. New York Daily News: Some Americans feel God - and not politicians - will pull country out of economic troubles 9/21/2011
16. Fox Business Network: After the Bell 9/21/2011
17. The Economist: Faith in the free market 9/21/2011
19. The Washington Times: Inside the Beltway 9/21/2011
Baylor Religion Survey results again draw national media attention to BU's strong work 9/21/2011
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Baylor-commissioned survey shows college FB fans prefer regional conferences over superconferences 9/21/2011
Houston Chronicle: Texas president suggests revenue sharing an option 9/21/2011
Huffington Post: In Search of Gold 9/21/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor regents see 'bright new day' for Big 12 9/21/2011
CNBC: The Princeton Review & Entrepreneur Magazine Name the Top 50 Schools for Entrepreneurship Programs 9/20/2011
Lawrence Journal-World: OU, UT better off in Big 12 9/20/2011
Los Angeles Times: Pac 12 Conference calls off expansion plans for now 9/20/2011
New York Times: Pac-12 Decides to Stay at 12 Teams 9/20/2011
RG3 Selected for Allstate AFCA Good Works Team 9/20/2011
Sports Illustrated: Griffin III Back of All Trades 9/20/2011
The Oklahoman: Boone Pickens: Big 12 isn't dead; Texas A&M 'sobering up' 9/20/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Jim H. Patton, guest columnist: Big 12 presidents ought to worry about the message they send 9/20/2011
Wave III of the Baylor Religion Survey Examines How Religion Affects Individuals' Outlook and Well-Being in Tumultuous Times 9/20/2011
Football. Blake Continues Tradition of Baylor Line 9/19/2011
Football. Meet The Press: Football Hosts Rice 9/19/2011
Football. No. 17 Football Hosts Old SWC Rival Rice 9/19/2011
1. U.S.News & World Report/HealthDay: 'Journaling' Might Ease Depression in Testicular Cancer Patients 9/19/2011
Associated Press: With realignment college athletes getting an education in the subject of greed 9/19/2011
Austin American-Statesman: Regents give Powers the OK to study Horns' path in conference realignment 9/19/2011
Causes Of Gulf War Illness Are Complex And Vary By Deployment Area, According To Baylor University Study 9/19/2011 Congress: Stop TV-inspired realignment money grab ... like now 9/19/2011 Teel Time: ACC addition of Pitt, Syracuse symbolizes panic, mistrust in college sports 9/19/2011
Des Moines Register: Will the Big 12 stay together? Coaches talk 9/19/2011
Desert News: Super conferences a bad idea for college sports 9/19/2011
Enid News & Eagle: Regents need to be careful about conference decision 9/19/2011
ESPN: A truly sad weekend for the Big East 9/19/2011
Fans, media join Starr's call for honor and transparency in conference realignment talks 9/19/2011
Football. Football at Kansas State to be Televised on ABC 9/19/2011
Forbes: Syracuse, Pittsburgh Chancellors Dishonest About Reasons For Joining ACC 9/19/2011
Houston Chronicle: Solomon: Greed ruining college sports 9/19/2011
Muskogee Phoenix: OSU would like to stay put 9/19/2011
New York Times: With Big Paydays at Stake, College Teams Scramble for a Spot 9/19/2011 Conference Realignment Could Have Economic Impact On Tulsa Fans And Businesses 9/19/2011
USA Today: Mack Brown still wants Texas to stay in the Big 12 9/19/2011
USA Today: NCAA President Mark Emmert calls for caution 9/19/2011
USA Today: Never-ending chase for more money drives college realignment 9/19/2011
USA TODAY: Study links Gulf War vets' illnesses to area of service 9/19/2011
USA Today: Syracuse, Pitt exit Big East, shake up conference realignment 9/19/2011
Football Climbs to 17th in AP Poll 9/18/2011
Fox Sports Southwest: Big 12 fate will be answered, but what's the question? 9/18/2011
New York Times: Big Ten Commissioner Says No Change Is Imminent 9/18/2011
New York Times: Pittsburgh and Syracuse Join A.C.C. 9/18/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Bill Whitaker: Big 12 intrigue reflects poorly on learned institutions 9/18/2011
Football Blanks SFA 48-0 in Lightning-Shortened Game 9/17/2011
Houston Chronicle: Prominent Texans call on Big 12 to stick together 9/17/2011
Baylor University School of Engineering and Computer Science Welcomes Pariveda Solutions Co-Founder as Guest Speaker 9/16/2011
NBC Sports: Texas will authorize president to decide conference affiliation 9/16/2011
Processing Magazine: Baylor receives Major Research Instrumentation grant 9/16/2011
ScienceDaily: Men With Testicular Cancer Benefit by Writing Positively About the Experience, Study Finds 9/16/2011
Baylor boasts top 25 teams and nat'l player of the year candidates in all three major sports 9/15/2011
CBS Sports: Need college football changed forever? Call your dentist 9/15/2011 Waco: Baylor Sets Total Enrollment Record 9/15/2011
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: MU's Deaton discusses OU, future of Big 12 9/15/2011
USA Today: Missouri chancellor 'hopeful' Big 12 can be saved 9/15/2011
Waterloo Courier: The Sully Side of Sports: Rivalries make college football unrivaled 9/15/2011
1. National Review Online: Obama's Big Green Boondoggles 9/14/2011
1. The Houston Chronicle: Assistant district attorney earns honor for legal work 9/14/2011
2. Yahoo! News: Jennifer Sampson to Take Over Top Job at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas 9/14/2011
Baylor Environmental Science Welcomes Two New Faculty Members 9/14/2011
Baylor matches best-ever ranking from U.S. News, tops 15,000 enrollment for first time 9/14/2011
BRIC Named as Finalist in Global Innovator's Award 9/14/2011
CNBC: Superconference Realignment and the Biggest Losers 9/14/2011
Dallas Morning News: Can Baylor president Ken Starr save the Big 12? 9/14/2011
ESPN: Big 12 members hit by economic fallout 9/14/2011
Fall CASPER Seminar Presents University of Stuttgart Researcher 9/14/2011
Houston Chronicle: Don't blame Baylor; the Bears are the little fish in conference realignment waters 9/14/2011
Kansas City Star: The Big 12 Conference has been a two-way street 9/14/2011
Men with Testicular Cancer Who Write Positively about the Experience Show Improved Mental Health, Baylor University Researcher Finds 9/14/2011
NBC Sports: On field, Baylor's Griffin among most exciting QBs 9/14/2011
Newport News Daily Press: Source says college football 'super conferences' would be disservice to fans, risky investments 9/14/2011 Big 12 teams failing to see that if league blows up, everybody loses 9/14/2011
Symposium on The Civil War and Religion Inspired by War's 150th Anniversary 9/14/2011
"Christianity, Politics and Power" Will Be the Subject of Lecture by Sociologist James Davison Hunter at Baylor on Sept. 22 9/13/2011
1. Baylor Sets Overall Enrollment Record With More Than 15,000 Students 9/13/2011
2. The Christian Post: U.S. College Rankings: 5 Best Christian Universities 9/13/2011
Baylor Sets Overall Enrollment Record With More Than 15,000 Students 9/13/2011
Baylor Undergrad Students Get Rare Chance for In-Person Research on Ancient Manuscripts 9/13/2011
Kansas City Star: Worthiness question of Big 12 programs insulting 9/13/2011
Ken Starr: Big 12 Update 9/13/2011
Lady Bears to Make Five ESPN Appearances 9/13/2011
Small East Texas Town Branded as Racist after 1998 Hate Crime Has Only Partly Recovered from Unfair Stereotyping, Baylor Researchers Find 9/13/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor lawyers up 9/13/2011
Washington Post/Associated Press: Baylor's 'natural loner' transforms on field into RG3, one of nation's most exciting QBs 9/13/2011
Football. Meet The Press: Football Hosts Stephen F. Austin 9/12/2011
Football. Football Continues Homestand Saturday vs. SFA 9/12/2011
Houston Chronicle: Consider costs of ending Big 12 - Ken Starr 9/12/2011
Kansas City Star: Imperfect Big 12 nearly perfect on the field 9/12/2011
Leadership Series Begins with Baylor President Ken Starr 9/12/2011
Rise Up for Big 12 Football 9/12/2011
USA Today: Texas officials fly to Oklahoma with future of Big 12 in doubt 9/12/2011 Art Briles has Baylor football on the comeback trail 9/12/2011
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Optimism surfaces that Big 12 can be salvaged without Texas A&M 9/11/2011
New York Times: N.C.A.A. Strife, and How to Ease It 9/11/2011
M. Basketball. Waco Chamber Announces 17th Annual Tip-Off Luncheon 9/10/2011
W. Basketball. Waco Chamber Announces 17th Annual Tip-Off Luncheon 9/10/2011
Beaumont Enterprise: EDITORIAL: Baylor takes goal line stand to preserve Big 12 9/10/2011
Houston Chronicle: Baylor's Starr a lightning rod from Whitewater to SEC 9/10/2011
San Antonio Express-News: Starr report -- Baylor feels better 9/10/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Jim Bush, guest columnist: Big 12 collapse would end Texas athletics as we know it 9/10/2011
1. ESPN: Griffin, Wilson lead Heisman race 9/9/2011
Abilene Reporter-News: Plots, subplots in shifting college football landscape 9/9/2011 Non-football leagues in wait-and-see mode 9/9/2011
First Science: Personal memories of Sept. 11: We may be confident, but not necessarily accurate 9/9/2011
Lawrence Journal World: Baylor deserves credit for making a stand 9/9/2011
The Augusta Chronicle: SEC's expansion doesn't make sense 9/9/2011
USA Today: Boorish coworkers can damage your home life 9/9/2011
M. Basketball. MBB to Face Saint Mary's, WVU in Vegas 9/8/2011
1. Houston Chronicle: USDA report says 19% of Texans in danger of going hungry, including 700,000 in Harris County 9/8/2011
Aiken Standard: SEC isn't stopping expansion 9/8/2011
An Open Letter to Baylor Nation from Director of Athletics Ian McCaw 9/8/2011 Baylor is desperate and right at the same time 9/8/2011
FOX Sports: This splash to become a wave 9/8/2011 Baylor should be vocal in this Big 12 mess 9/8/2011 Kansas Governor Fights To Save Big XII 9/8/2011
Lawrence Journal World: OU prez holds key to league 9/8/2011
National honors for Baylor, RG3 follow TCU win as Bears jump into AP Top 20 9/8/2011
Seattle Times: Texas A&M says Big 12 is holding it 'hostage' 9/8/2011
Sporting News: Legal expert: Potential Big 12 lawsuits have merit 9/8/2011
Topeka Capital-Journal: Kevin Haskin: Call the lawyers? Why not 9/8/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Baylor, Big 12 brethren right to take a stand against Texas A&M 9/8/2011
Yahoo! Sports: Baylor's Plan B? The Big East 9/8/2011
Football. RG3 Named Davey O'Brien QB of Week 9/7/2011
Baylor taking steps to preserve Big 12 football and integrity in college athletics 9/7/2011 Baylor's Bid to Save the Big 12: An Appeal for Texas Football 9/7/2011
Dallas Morning News: Others join Baylor's stand; Texas A&M president critical of roadblock 9/7/2011
Dallas Morning News: Sherrington: Why Oklahoma has edge over Texas in realignment race 9/7/2011
Denver Post: Colorado not eager to reunite with former Big 12 foes should Pac-10 expand 9/7/2011 Baylor: 'Don't mess with Texas football' 9/7/2011
Fort Worth Star Telegram: A&M's move to SEC on hold because of threatened legal action by Baylor 9/7/2011
Kansas City Star: Will the heartland even exist in the new college sports landscape? 9/7/2011
Lawrence Journal World: Texas A&M accuses Big 12 of backtracking 9/7/2011 A&M acceptance to SEC contingent on waiver of litigation 9/7/2011
Personal Memories of 9/11: We May Be Confident, But Not Necessarily Accurate 9/7/2011
RG3 Named Davey O'Brien QB of Week 9/7/2011 SEC accepts Texas A&M; Baylor temporarily stands in way 9/7/2011
Sporting News: Mass hysteria coming once Texas A&M officially departs 9/7/2011
Sporting News: Only Baylor officials have long-term goals in mind 9/7/2011
Texas Hunger Report Outlines Food Insecurity Across Texas, Resources to Solve It 9/7/2011
USA Today: Big 12 says SEC must get legal waivers from individual schools 9/7/2011
USA Today: Iowa State has not waived legal rights regarding Texas A&M's SEC move 9/7/2011
USA Today: Southeastern Conference accepts Texas A&M with condition 9/7/2011
Baylor Named Fiesta Bowl National Team of the Week 9/6/2011 ACC commissioner refutes Texas to ACC report 9/6/2011
ESPN1660 talks with Ian McCaw about Baylor's conference future 9/6/2011
Football Debuts at No. 20 in AP Top 25 9/6/2011
Lawrence Journal World: Manic Monday wraps with ACC calling Texas talk premature 9/6/2011
Football. RG3 Adds More National Recognition 9/5/2011
Kansas City Star: Breaking up the Big 12 is not a collegial act 9/5/2011
Mark Cuban: So What Should Big 12 Schools Do ? Say No to Super Conferences 9/5/2011
The Republic: Texas Legislature could act if Pac-12 courtship puts Big 12 at risk 9/5/2011
Wall Street Journal: Spare Us Your Superconferences 9/5/2011 Week 1 overshadowed by upheaval 9/4/2011
Football. RG3 Named Walter Camp National Player of the Week 9/4/2011
Kansas City Star: John Currie talks realignment 9/4/2011 Sources: Texas being told to slow things down 9/4/2011
Baylor pride swells following epic football win over #14 TCU in front of national audience 9/3/2011
Capstone Report: Baylor's win over TCU is reminder of college football's roots 9/3/2011
Fort Worth Star Telegram: Prickly start for TCU, but Bears look rosy 9/3/2011
President Starr: Congratulations Baylor Nation 9/3/2011 TCU-Baylor shootout demonstrates what college football is all about 9/3/2011
Yahoo! Sports: Baylor's big night gives way to Big 12 angst 9/3/2011
2. What Kind of World Do You Want? 9/2/2011
Ames Tribune: Big 12 on the lookout for its next member 9/2/2011
Austin American Statesman: Dodds: Let's try to save the Big 12, but keep Texas' options open 9/2/2011
Baylor Lariat: Lariat Letters: Baylor must show pride 9/2/2011
Baylor Professor Receives $210,000 Grant from National Endowment for the Humanities 9/2/2011
Crossroads: Big 12 Exploring Options to Replace Texas A&M 9/2/2011
Florida Baptist Witness: Three Baptist colleges named best workplaces 9/2/2011
Athlon Sports: Big 12 Expansion Candidates 9/1/2011
CBS Money Watch: 19 Colleges That Make You Think 9/1/2011
Des Moines Register: ISU's AD tries to calm fans, staffers 9/1/2011
Football. BU Launches Site Touting Griffin III for Heisman 9/1/2011
Fort Worth Star Telegram: Big 12 Insider: Want your own TV deal? Big 12 beckons 9/1/2011
Houston Chronicle: UT commits to Big 12, helps with expansion process 9/1/2011 League Reaction From Texas A&M Leaving The Big 12 9/1/2011