Choral Department

For nearly ninety years, the Baylor Choral Program has established a long tradition of leadership in choral music across the nation, in ten foreign countries, and in every major concert venue in the United States. Its ensembles have been selected for performance at major state, regional, and national conferences. Since the formation of the School of Music in 1921, the Choral Department has been under the leadership of only four Directors of Choral Activities: Euell Porter (1955-1982), Dr. Hugh Sanders (1984-1993), Dr. Donald Bailey (1993-2008), and Dr. Alan Raines (2009-2016). Prior to Porter's appointment, choral ensembles were directed by various members of the music faculty.

Today, the tradition is upheld by the current Choral Faculty that includes Dr. Lynne Gackle, Dr. Stephen Gusukuma, and Dr. Randall Bradley.