Core Curriculum

The core of study for all Master of Music degrees is as follows:

Core Courses Sem. Hrs.

5302 Analytical Techniques 3

5320 Introduction to Graduate Study 3

5321 The Middles Ages, or

5322 The Renaissance, or

5323 The Baroque, or

5325 The Classic Period, or

5326 The Romantic Period, or

5327 Music Since 1945, or

5328 The Twentieth Century 3



Major in Music History and Literature Sem. Hrs.

Core Courses 9

Three additional courses from those

listed in the core requirements 9

5329 Seminar in Musicology 3

5V99 Thesis 3

Applied Music 3

Electives* 6


*The student is encouraged to include graduate-level theory and/or MUS 5319 among the supportive courses that will bring the total hours to a minimum of thirty-three (33). Piano proficiency of level V or two semesters of piano with a minimum grade of ’B’ is required.