Graduate Audition Requirements


Domestic applicants for the Master of Music in Vocal Performance must complete an on-campus audition in order to be considered for a Teaching Assistantship. International applicants may be considered for a Teaching Assistantship by completing a live audition or auditioning via a recorded audition (see below).

The dates and locations for voice auditions are as follows:

Friday, December 4, 2015 - Roxy Grove Hall - Waco Hall West (afternoon)
Friday, January 15, 2016 - Roxy Grove Hall - Waco Hall West (afternoon)
Saturday, January 16, 2016 - Meadows Recital Hall - McCrary Music Building (morning and afternoon)
Saturday, January 30, 2016 - Meadows Recital Hall - McCrary Music Building (morning and afternoon)
Friday, February 26, 2016 - Roxy Grove Hall - Waco Hall West (afternoon)
Saturday, February 27, 2016 - Meadows Recital Hall - McCrary Music Building (morning and afternoon)

Audition Requirements for the Master of Music in Vocal Performance degree [MMVP]

• A prospective voice student must apply to Baylor University Graduate School before submitting a "Request for Audition" form to the School of Music. Students should apply to the Graduate School through GoBaylor. If an applicant has not applied to the Graduate School prior to requesting an audition date, any such request will be denied until such application has been made.

• Audition repertoire must include, at a minimum, five vocal works representing at least three of the four major style periods - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century/Contemporary.

• All of the following languages must be included in the audition repertoire - English, Italian, French, and German.

• Each MMVP applicant must prepare two arias, one of which must be operatic. The second can either be an operatic aria or an oratorio aria, but one of the two arias must contain a recitative.

• No more than two arias may be presented, and both must represent contrasting style periods.

• The remaining audition material must consist of art song repertoire and should also represent a variety of styles.

• All audition material, other than an oratorio selection (which may be performed with music), must be performed from memory.

• Additional selections may be offered at the applicant’s discretion.

• The audition may include the singing of vocalises at the committee’s discretion.

Audition Requirements for the Master of Music in Church Music--Vocal Performance Track degree [MMCM-VP]

• Each MMCM-VP applicant must prepare at least two art songs and/or arias in two languages other than English and one aria from a major sacred oratorio or cantata. No repertoire in a popular music style will be accepted for an audition.

Supporting Materials

• All graduate applicants are required to submit the following items HERE

• an audition repertoire list;
• scanned copies of recital and public performance programs;
• a résumé;
• and a list of repertoire that the applicant has performed to date to accurately represent accomplishments and course of vocal study thus far.

• Applicants are required to send scanned copies of audition repertoire to the Vocal Studies Division's Recruiting Coordinator, at least two weeks prior to the audition. The scanned copies should be as clean as possible with the tempo marking of each selection indicated on the music. Please write your name and contact information (e-mail and phone number) on the first page of each of your audition selections. In keeping with copyright laws, each applicant must bring original scores of all repertoire to be performed at the audition. The photocopies must be destroyed following the audition.

Recorded Audition Requirements

• If an applicant is unable to appear in person and resides farther than 300 miles from the Baylor campus, a recorded audition may be submitted for admission by prior arrangement. However, as stated above, domestic applicants will only be considered for a Teaching Assistantship by completing an on-campus audition. International applicants will be considered for a Teaching Assistantship by an on-campus audition or recorded submission. Please access the following link for the submission of a recorded audition:

• The repertoire requirements for a recorded audition are the same as those for an on-campus audition, as well as the submission of the same supporting materials as noted earlier.

• Whether auditioning in person or via video, please complete and send a "Request for Audition" form. All recorded auditions must be postmarked on or before February 15, 2016. Any recorded auditions received following this date will be evaluated for admission for the Fall 2016 Semester at the discretion of the voice faculty.

If you have any questions concerning audition procedures or the Vocal Studies Division, please contact or Dr. Robert Best at or 254-710-4602.

The Graduate Record Examination is not required for admission to the Master of Music in Vocal Performance.