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Student Teaching

Student Teaching Policies and Procedures
Attendance, Dress code, Professional behavior, Grading, and Substitute policy

Goals and Activities of the Student Teaching Experience

The student teaching experience provides an opportunity to observe and work actively in various aspects of the music teaching field. Rather than being a terminal course in university teacher preparation, student teaching marks the beginning of a career in the music teaching profession. Given a solid foundation in musical skill and methodology, and an understanding of and sensitivity to human interaction and behavior, student teaching can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of university life.

Student Teaching Coursework

Student teaching occurs in the final semester and is a 15-week practicum of supervised practice of all student teacher proficiencies (See course descriptors in current undergraduate catalogue).

MUS 4F30 All-Level Student Teaching in Music
(Taken concurrently with MUS 4230)
MUS 4230 Induction to Music Teaching
(Taken concurrently with MUS 4F30)

Goals of Student Teaching in Music

• Student Teaching should provide the student teacher with an insight into the total school program.
• Student Teaching should provide the student teacher with the opportunity to apply, through teaching, the knowledge and musical skills acquired throughout the university curriculum.
• Student Teaching should provide the student teacher the opportunity to gain confidence in him/her self as a teacher through planning, teaching, and evaluating.
• Student Teaching should foster in the student teacher a professional attitude and a desire for professional growth.
• Student Teaching should provide the student teacher with insights into the fundamental differences between the processes of learning for oneself and that of teaching others.
• Student Teaching should provide the student teacher with a network of professional colleagues and mentors who will be a basis of support during entry into the profession.

Activites of the Student Teaching Experience

The activities of the student teaching experience are generally divided into the following areas:

• Observation
• Planning and Teaching
• Evaluation
• Compilation of Materials

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