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Arts Research Coalition

. . . providing opportunities for collaboration and exploration of new interdisciplinary approaches to the arts.

Arts Research Coalition (ARC) is to be an incubator for interdisciplinary collaboration, creating innovative ideas and projects in the world of art. ARC’s main purpose is twofold: 1) to create art and 2) to research artistic collaboration techniques.

Until recently, ARC has been known as the Baylor Experimental Acoustic Research Lab (BEAR Lab). Over the past five years, the BEAR Lab has relocated from a 10x10 foot room within Roxy Grove Hall (now the Comp lab) to a large lab space located in room 132 of Marrs McLean Science Building. Collaborations with the film and television department, theater department, Center for Jewish Studies, and others have inspired the lab’s directors to change its name and expand its vision to include all art forms.

As an arts research coalition, ARC will produce art that captivates the world in facilities the like of which are found nowhere else. Students, faculty, businesses, communities, and virtual entities around the world will be provided with creative opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities for collaboration on art projects.

It is our vision that ARC will assemble an advisory panel which will assist ARC to continually evolve and grow as the creative minds of the panel see fit. Not only will collaboration be an intricate component of ARC, research and discoveries of how to foster collaboration between many areas will be of equal importance with the production of art itself. Countless institutes interested in diversity, teamwork, intermedia, and design of environments that stimulate creativity will greatly benefit from ARC’s research of interdisciplinary approaches to art.

Concrete, creative projects and concepts never before realized, will only be fully understood and come to fruition if ARC is able to raise enough money to construct a facility unlike anything currently in existence.

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