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Faculty and Staff

The program emphasizes the connection between the academic and the professional, between best practices in the field and what is taught in the classroom. Both full-time faculty have extensive experience working in the museum world; in addition, the department benefits from the experience of current museum professionals, both as teachers of classes and as guest lecturers, who share their knowledge of what is happening in the museum world today.


Dr-Hafertepe Dr. Kenneth Hafertepe
Associate Professor of Museum Students
Chair - Department of Museum Studies
Specialization: American material culture, decorative arts, and historic preservation.
Office: Mayborn Center Rm. 1809
Phone: (254) 710-4349

Dr-Caston Dr. Ellie B. Caston
Director - Mayborn Museum Complex
Senior Lecturer in Museum Studies
Specialization: Museum Education
Office: Mayborn Museum Rm. 1804
Phone: (254) 710-4836
Dr-Holcomb Dr. Julie Holcomb
Assistant Professor in Museum Studies
Graduate Program Director
Specialization: Collections management and archival administration
Office: Mayborn Museum Rm. 1811
Phone: (254) 710-6614
Dr-Smith Mr. Gary Smith
Lecturer in Museum Studies
Specialization: Museum administration
Office: Mayborn Museum Rm. 1800
Phone: (254) 710-1233


Lisa Rieger

Lisa Rieger
Administrative Associate

Office: Mayborn Museum
Phone: (254) 710-1233