MSLS Workshops

Block 1: 10:00-11:00am

The Road to Empowerment Alicia A De LaRosa-Millard, Stephen F Austin State University

Careers & Leadership: It's better to have choices than have to wait to be chosen! Marjorie Ellis, Baylor University

Open Teaching Concept: Social Media & Diversity Ricky Sherfield Jr., Texas Tech University

Making your Passion your Inspiration Amira Lewally, Baylor University

Advisor Roundtable: REAL TALK Melanie Johnson,Southern Methodist University

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Block 2: 1:45-2:45pm

Social Change Model of Leadership Lindsey Woelker, Frank Duran, Michaela Larson, St. Edward's University

Understanding Our Multicultural Identity Kasey Borchardt, Sadie Randall, Texas State University

Just Because I Am...Doesn't Mean - What You Think But Never Say: How to Have Real Conversations about Real Situations Stan Pearson, Keynote Speaker

Advisor Networking Session

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